Download SOS Ultra Power Launcher: The Ultimate way to Save Battery Power on your Android Phone

Feature phones have a great battery life because they don’t multitask, has no WiFi / LTE or run any software that is always connected to internet. They’re basic, and hence have the battery power that lasts for days. But our phones smartphones are the computers of today. We do almost everything a computer and a basic phone could do on a single device. And that demands a lot of battery power.

The sad part is we couldn’t do much more than toggling things off on our Android devices to save on battery. There are plenty of apps on the play store that can effectively prolong battery life on our phones for some time but none is going to do it like basic feature phones. And that’s where SOS Ultra Power Launcher comes in!

The SOS Ultra Power Launcher cuts the smart from your phone and make it function like a basic phone with only Calls, SMS and other basic functionalities. It disables WiFi and Cellular data (2G/3G/LTE) and kills all running apps and services on your phone.

The only information this launcher shows is your missed calls and messages.

For further battery saving optimizations the app also has the following settings:

  • OLED Mode: ¬†Turns the homescreen display into black and white, so that only¬†the white pixels on screen consume power, not the whole display. It‚Äôs only useful for phones with AMOLED displays.
  • Changes governor to Powersave mode. (requires ROOT Access)
  • Disables 2 cores of a Quad core phone. (requires ROOT Access)

The launcher alerts you when the battery is below 15% and also notifies you to change your default launcher to SOS Launcher so that it could start taking care of your battery.

The Good:
  • Great power saving features.
  • Special mode for AMOLED displays.
  • Takes advantage of ROOT access
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet.

 icon-download  Download SOS Ultra Power Launcher

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  1. Is don’t working on my phone huawei C8816.

    1. Could you tell me what is the android version that you are running?

  2. Is don’t working on my phone huawei C8816.

    1. Could you tell me what is the android version that you are running?

  3. It’s working my phone note 2

  4. It’s working my phone note 2

  5. It’s working my phone note 2

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