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Download Nokia Here Maps APK [UPDATED]

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A new Nokia Here Maps APK just got leaked and is reportedly working on all Android devices without requiring any customization to the build.prop or anything like that. Nokia originally launched Here Maps with the Nokia X which we covered previously on this page, and then announced Here Maps for all Android devices starting with Samsung exclusively. But the Nokia Here Maps APK got leaked yesterday and is now available for anyone running on Android 4.0 or above.
 icon-download Download Nokia Here Maps APK

The leaked system dump of Nokia X is getting out all the new stuff from the Nokia X to other Android devices. We’ve already posted plenty of Nokia X stuff on the site, including the new Nokia Store for Android apps that comes as a replacement of Play Store on Nokia X family of devices.

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The Nokia Here is Nokia’s map service that’s going to run on Android devices for the first time with the Nokia X devices. The service will be kept exclusive to Nokia X devices for the time being and will be the default Maps service on the device.

Microsoft has made its best efforts to not let any Google service be present on the Nokia X out of the box. The device is deeply integrated with Microsoft cloud services. And it’s yet to be seen if side loading Google apps on the device would help or not. We heard it from Nokia at the launch event of Nokia X that certain Google services may not work even after side loading the apps due to lack of support for Google APIs on the Nokia X.

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If you’d like to test out the accuracy and features of Nokia Here Maps, download the zip file linked below and transfer its contents (with correct permission ) to system directory on your device. You’ll need root access to accomplish this.

icon-download Download Nokia Here Maps zip file

Once you’re done with transferring Nokia Here Maps files to system folder on your device. Make the below mentioned edit to the build.prop file on your device.

Edit build.prop file

NOTE: Keep a backup of your existing build.prop file. Also make sure to take a nandroid backup before attempting to edit build.prop file as it could easily soft brick your device if not edited correctly.

Below are things that you need to modify in your build.prop file to be able to use Nokia Here Maps on your device:

ro.product.platform=Nokia X software platform 1.0

Reboot your device once you’ve made the above mentioned modifications to the build.prop file on your device. After reboot, open the Nokia Here Maps app. You should be able to use it.

Source: XDA


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