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Download Nokia Store APK v01.01.863.182

After failing everyone’s hope for a long time, Nokia finally jumped on to the Android platform when nobody was expecting it from them, especially considering the fact that it was only recently purchased by the software giant Microsoft for one purpose only — Windows Phones. Nokia is the only exclusive manufacturer of Windows phone that Microsoft has so Nokia’s move to Android was surprising in many ways.

However, Microsoft did plan it in a way that couldn’t possibly help Google in anyway. The Nokia X phone series by Nokia is dedicatedly tailored for Microsoft cloud services, giving the software giant a good chance to flaunt their services to Android users.

The Nokia X doesn’t run a single Google service out of the box and nor is it a Google certified device. Nokia has gone the Amazon way with a dedicated Nokia Store for its Android range of smartphones to let users download and install existing Android apps. Although not all apps would be available in the Nokia Store, but plenty would make to it. And then Android has always allowed for side loading of .apk app packages, which the Nokia X supports.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out the Nokia Store on your current Android device, we’ve got the Nokia Store APK to share. You can install it just like you’d install any other APK file but since it was supposed to be running on a Nokia X smartphone, it won’t work on your Android device, at-least not until you make some tweaks to your device’s build.prop file.



DOWNLOAD LINK   |    File name: NStore0.6.apk (937 KB)

Download the APK file on your Android device and install it just like you’d install any other APK file. If you need help with installing .apk file, check the link below:

→ How to Install APK Files on Android

 icon-bell-o UPDATE

Download link updated with a tweaked version of NStore APK that doesn’t require build.prop edits. Just installing the APK does the job.


You must have root access on your Android device to be able to edit build.prop file.

NOTE: Keep backup of your existing build.prop file since you won’t be using the Nokia Store for long, and you’ll be required to restore the existing build.prop file to make sure your device functions normal. Also make sure to take a nandroid backup before attempting to edit build.prop file as it could easily soft brick your device if not edited correctly.

Below are things that you need to modify in your build.prop file to be able to use Nokia Store APK on your device:

ro.product.platform=Nokia X software platform 1.0

Reboot your device once you’ve made the above mentioned modifications to the build.prop file on your device. After reboot, open the Nokia Store app. You should be able to use it.



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