Nokia X Running Google Apps and Google Now Launcher Already!

Now, that’s an amazing find! As you can see in the video below, the Nokia X is already running the Google Now Launcher. Moreover, Google Apps (Play Store, Gmail, etc.) are all said to be working all cool, too, on the Nokia first Android device.

Nokia is shipping the device with its own apps store called ‘Nokia Store’. btw, if you wanna try the Nokia Store on your own Android device, you can do so as it’s already available.

While we’re not sure all proprietary Google Apps would work on Nokia X, it’s good to see Google Now Launcher and Google Play working on it. Even the Google Accounts Sync is working all fine.

Credit for all this goes to one man, Kashamalaga, who tweaked his Nokia X received in MWC, to run Google Apps!

As this is a unit given at the MWC where Nokia X was on showcase and launched, we just hope it’s running the final build and that no revisions were made to this build to limit the Google Apps. Btw, we’ve already heard from Nokia that whether Google Apps work or not would depend on the code Google Apps are using, meaning, Nokia hasn’t worked fully/all-perfect in making ALL Google Apps work on Nokia X.

Video of Nokia X running Google Now Launcher!
Nokia X meets Android Now Launcher
Nokia X Images Running Google Play Store, Google Now Launcher, Sync, Services, etc. Nokia X Google Play Store and Sync Nokia X Google Now Launcher and Sync

What are your views on Nokia X? And you’d want Play Store in place of Nokia Store on the device, no?

Via XDA (Kashamalaga)

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