How to Download Movies and TV Shows on Prime Video on your Windows PC

Prime Video download on PC

The long wait is finally over. Amazon has finally launched an app for the Windows platform. This has been long in the making. While most of the big streaming companies like Netflix and Hotstar TV already had Windows apps, Amazon is quite late the game.

However, it’s better late than never. Like its mobile app, Amazon Prime’s newly launched Windows app has blessed us with the function to download content for offline viewing! Recently, Prime Video also enabled its users to co watch movies and TV shows together with their new Watch Party feature.

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What content can you download on Amazon Prime

The new Amazon Prime Windows app lets you download content right to your local storage. This means that you do not need an active internet connection to view it! Isn’t that the dream?

Like its mobile app, Amazon Prime does not let you download all its content. So you need to check to see if your favorite content is downloadable for offline viewing. Content that is downloadable will have a ‘Download’ button present next to the title once you click on it.

You can also peruse through all content that is downloadable and choose what you would like to download! To do so, click the ‘Downloads’ button the left panel (you can expand the panel by clicking the hamburger menu at the top’.

Since you have not saved any downloads, the page will be empty. Click ‘Find something to download’.

The following page will display all the content that Amazon Prime lets you download for offline viewing.

Can you change the quality of the download?

Unlike its mobile app, the new Prime Video Windows app does not give you the option to change the quality of your downloaded content individually. On the mobile app, clicking ‘Download’ brought up a popup where you could choose the quality and subsequent size or the video.

However, to change the quality of the downloads in the Windows app you need to access Settings. Tap the ‘Settings’ button in the bottom left corner.

Now under ‘Download Quality’ you can choose between ‘Best’, ‘Better’, and ‘Good’. The size of your download depends on the quality you choose; the higher the quality, the bigger will be the size.

Can you change the download location?

Unfortunately, Prime Video does not let you choose the location of your downloaded content. Since it is a Windows Store app, the app’s default download location will be in C Drive.

How to download content for offline viewing on a Windows PC

Prime Video has made it extremely simple to download content for offline viewing. However, unlike the mobile app, if it is a TV show that you are downloading, you can only download individual episodes, not the whole season.

Download Prime Video app on your Windows PC

Open the Prime Video app first. To download an episode, locate the show and then scroll to the specific episode that you would like to download. Now click the ‘Download’ button to the right of the episode title.

Depending on your internet speed and the quality of the download that you chose, it might take a while to download your content.

Can you view purchased content on the app?

Yes, you can! The Prime Video app lets you stream purchased content from as well as the cross-platform movie watching app ‘Movies Anywhere’. All this content will be easily accessible right on your Prime Video Windows app.

In addition to purchased content, you can also rent and subscribe to Prime Video channels. Depending on where in the world you are, these could include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and others.

How to access your downloaded content

Once you download your favorite shows, you can access them right from the Prime Video app. To access your downloaded content, launch the app, and click ‘Downloads’ in the left side panel.

Here you will see a list of all the content you have downloaded in the order in which it was downloaded. Unfortunately, the app does not group TV shows together, so if you downloaded the episodes at different times, you will have to individually select which episode you would like to watch from the list.

To view an episode, tap the arrow to the right of the episode. (For some reason clicking on the episode does not play it).

How long does downloaded content stay on the app

This is a little tricky. Technically, all downloaded content will stay on your device indefinitely. This holds true if you do not watch it. So if you download ten episodes and do not watch them, they will remain on the app.

However, if you are offline and start watching an episode, that episode will only be available for 48 hours. Once that time is up, the video will no longer be accessible. You can watch the episode as many times as you like within that time frame.

To extend the time, all you need to do is connect your PC to the internet. As soon as your device is back online, the expired content becomes available again. The timer starts as soon as you press play on a downloaded video.

Can you access downloaded content outside of the app?

No. Downloaded content can only be viewed within the Prime Video app. Although the content is downloaded to your local storage, there is no way of viewing it outside the app.

We are glad to finally get a Prime Video app for the Windows Platform. While the app is still a bit buggy, we hope to see it rise to the standard of other streaming apps like Netflix. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.



  1. There is a way to change the storage location. I am using windows 10 and my C: ran out of storage space after downloading movies from prime. My search for a solution to change the storage location brought me to this page. The solution that I found was move the entire app to a new location. Open apps and features on win10. search for the prime app. then click on the app and then click on the move option next to uninstall. Move the app to your desired location. All my downloaded videos also moved with the app freed up C:.

    1. on my laptop the MOVE button is grayed out.

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