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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out now with an additional variant featuring a curved display edge screen by the name Galaxy Note Edge, bringing more possibilities for app developers to display information on the device. Other than the edge screen both the devices are similar and shares (almost) the same design as the last generation Note device on the outside. Anyway, there are a tons of things in the inside and new wallpapers is one of them.

We’re yet to get hold of all the official Galaxy Note 4 wallpapers as the stock firmware or a system dump hasn’t leaked yet, which we could rip apart and get the fancy stuff like wallpapers, ringtones, alarm tones, etc for you to download. So do with the two wallpapers shared below till we find more.

 icon-picture-o GALAXY NOTE 4 WALLPAPERS

Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper


Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper


We’ll definitely update this page as soon as we find more Galaxy Note 4 wallpapers, you may bookmark this page!


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