Firefox v7 for your Android Phone.


Its raining good news for Android FireFox fans — the latest version, Firefox 7, is now officially out of the beta stage and has hit the android market.

Although Firefox isn’t a household name yet on android scene, it does offers some features which will make your time with it very well worth. And trying isn’t a costly exercise too, sinc eit’s available for Free.

Here are a few reasons to try FireFox 7:

  • Two-way sync of boomarks, URLs, tabs, form data, and passwords between Firefox on your phone and that on computer
  • Convenient interface for switching between tabs while browsing, and you can open a hell load of tabs
  • Add-ons to customize the UI and behavior
  • Much faster at JavaScript than the old Android browser
  • Improved copy and paste: Copy any site content and paste to other applications, SMS, or text fields
  • Built-in language detection on first run
  • WebSockets API: Powerful tool for Web developers to build responsive Web apps and sites
And the list goes on and on. Scan the QR code to get the browser from the marker for free, using a barcode scanner app.
Firefox 7