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Download 15+ Sony Xperia Z5 Apps [Launcher, Phone, Camera, Calendar, Photo Editor, Small Apps, etc.]

[Update: September 21, 2015] Xperia Z5 apps are also available for non-Sony devices. We just gave Z5’s launcher app a run on our Android 5.1.1 running galaxy S6 Edge, and it worked flawlessly. Maybe Android 5.1.1 is a requirement, but you can surely try the apps given under ‘Type 2’. Download and install the APK, and then run the app.

If you own a Sony device, then you can own Sony Xperia Z5 apps right now, right away. All you need is a custom recovery to be able to install and use the Xperia Z5 apps, even when the device itself is yet to hit stores.

Well, that is possible thanks to Xperia Z5’s system dump leaking out on the Internet (thanks to Jozinek!). Next, developer baris27 took the apps from the dump and made necessary modifications to make them compatible with other Sony devices.

Required? Well, you need to have a custom recovery installed on your Sony device for this because the apps have been grouped into a zip file that is flashable using custom recovery. Either of TWRP and CWM recovery will do just fine.

While, for non-Sony devices, simply install the APK of the apps provided below under the title ‘Type 2’.

Once you have the TWRP/CWM recovery, download the zip files from below and then flash them using the recovery. Reboot and you will have all Sony Xperia Z5 apps listed below for a given download installed and working on your Sony device.

Moreover, you need to have Sony firmware/ROM installed on your device, as it might not work on custom ROMs like CyanogenMod (CM).

Download Sony Xperia Z5 Apps

Type 1: For Sony devices only, installable via CWM/TWRP recovery flash only.

LOT 1:

Download Link | File: [PORT] (60.3 MB)

Apps: Home launcher, Themes, Wallpapers, Support app, Phone and Conversations.

LOT 2:

Download Link | File: [PORT][V2] (86.6 MB)

Apps: Small apps, Media sounds, Calculator, Experience Flow Live wallpaper, Calendar, Email, White balance, My Xperia, Multi Camera and Style Portrait.

LOT 3:

Download Link | File: [PORT][V3] (20.9 MB)

Apps: Screen Recorder, Photo Editor, Top Contacts Widget, Sync Hub, Photo Analyzer, Update Center, Podcast, OMA Client Provisioning, Smart Search, Photo Slideshow, Wallpaper Picker, , Sound picker, Retail demo app, Phone usage.

Download and flash each file as you wish using either of TWRP recovery or CWM recovery, and you will have the Z5 apps on your Sony device.

Type 1: For Sony and non-Sony devices, simply install the APK

Download the APK of the app, and simply install it. No need of CWM/TWRP recovery.

Btw, there is also a custom recovery flashable zip file available, that works on both Sony and non-Sony devices, that would install the above mentioned apps and other goodies like wallpapers, fonts, etc. of Xperia Z5.

Download it here, but you need to have Superuser mod installed, and must be using deodexed ROM for this. Then only flash in TWRP/CWM recovery. Otherwise, use the APK files provided above.


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