Does Samsung update their phones?

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Samsung is one of the widely trusted OEMs but the brand received criticism for it’s notoriously slow updates to the latest version of Android for its Android devices. The company had been reluctant to seed out new updates for their devices a few years ago. And more often than not the update to the latest version of Android would be released almost 7-8 months after the official release of the update.

This is a reason why some users began to prefer iPhones over Samsung devices and to this date are a bit skeptical of whether Samsung would update their devices or not.

If you too are concerned about choosing Samsung. And want to know whether the company updates their smartphones, then a simple answer to this question, in short, is yes.

Samsung does roll out updates for their device albeit a bit slower than a few other Android OEMs.

The South Korean giant has a boatload of devices while most other manufacturers only have a few devices which need to be updated. This is one of the main reasons why Samsung usually takes much longer to release the new update for their devices.

What about major Android updates?

Fortunately, Samsung has already started the rollout for the Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S8/S8+, as well as the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 8, and many more devices: here’s a list of Samsung devices updated to Android Pie.

We hope the company manages to push out the updates sooner in the near future but as of now, the company does update their devices. However, the pace is slower than other OEMs.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung usually updates its devices with only two major Android updates.

What about monthly security updates?

Well, Samsung is more punctual in this area of software updates, presumably because they don’t require any customization finetuning of the One UI, which is a heck of work with big Android version updates.

Samsung is very timely with security updates for its flagship devices of the last two years but it is also good enough when it comes to its mid-range and budget range of devices.

Only when a device is past 3 years of launch, does the update start the be less frequent — the Galaxy S7 users will vouch for that, we bet, as Samsung recently announced they won’t publish security patch updates for the devices even on a quarterly basis now. But given the S7’s launch date, we appreciate Samsung still pushes updates for its 2016 flagship.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with Samsung’s monthly security updates, but beware of an odd awful update as it’s good to search a bit about the update before hitting the big install button. Although, we can vouch that Samsung can release a bug-fixer update soon, but it might not be very quick.


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