‘Dirt-repellent’ screen coating and ‘fast-charging’ battery make the Sony Xperia S even more desirable


Firstly the camera, then the processor, and now a faster-charging battery alongwith a dirt-repellent coating. The feature list of the Xperia S seems to grow longer by the day. Sony announced the Xperia S at the CES, and with it, marked its entry in the exclusive club of ultra high-end, dual-core androids, with a camera unit running on some extra steroids.

Yes, it does have a 12mp camera with an Exmor R lens and a new zero air-gap 720p screen to give its competitors a good fight. But adding a few extra features doesn’t do any harm ─ that’s what Sony thought, it seems. Swiss tech site PocketPC.ch has revealed that Sony has put-in a battery which charges super-fast,  and a new (never heard-of before) UV-active nano-coating.

Sony has incorporated a new improved Lithium-polymer technology that is said to reduce the charging time to upto half of that taken by earlier models, with the phone being capable of giving a stand-by time of an hour in just 10 minutes of charging! Also, the coating is said to protect the phone from scratches and daily wear and tear. And not just that, Sony has also confirmed the presence of an anti-stain shell in their new flagship.

The Xperia S is set to launched in Europe in 2nd week of March and the pre-booking has already begun. While the US citizens will have to wait a little bit longer, that is, till the 2nd quarter of this year for the AT&T version named Xperia Ion.