Did Samsung Sell 10 Million Units of Galaxy S?

Galaxy S sales by Samsung

We haven’t heard a word from Samsung about this one, so it’s very very unofficial right now and you should obviously take it with huge grain of salt. But man, it’s being reported that Samsung has sold as many as 9.3 million units of Galaxy S world over (count as per last Friday) and may soon eclipse the 10 million mark, a feat not reached by any android phone till now.

The Galaxy S was launched by Samsung very efficiently world over with many carriers. In US alone, Korean giant sold its flagship device with four different carriers, as Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivated and EPIC respectively. But what about the Nexus S, which mimics the Galaxy S a lot feature wise? Nothing we know now, but it’s possible Sammy will include it too in and as Galaxy S for a better impression, and it can’t be held wrong too. But can Samsung Continuum’s (which also termed as a Galaxy S phone) fate be decided on same reasons, we don’t know.

We are very very eager to hear a word or too from Samsung on this, together with a device list to know how many Galaxy S are there actually and what counts to be such.

That apart, there are some solid numbers about Korea sales of Galaxy S, pegged at awesome 2 million units. Now we know why LG’s so keen on launching the world’s first dual core phone — LG Optimus 2X — first of all in Korea. Looks like the home crowd favors them too much when the best tech is throw first at them, eh?

By the way, here is some fun stat also, if like us, you also (still) like hearing about android beating iphone in something somewhere. The Galaxy S sales have beaten that of iPhone in Korea, the latter managing 1.8 million units in approx 1 year, while Samsung did a 2 million units sale in just 6 months.

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