Developers outwit Samsung, remapping of Bixby Button works again

Two days back we reported that Samsung has blocked the remapping of Bixby button, AGAIN. Yes again, because, they have done it before as well.

When Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched, Samsung blocked the remapping of Bixby button after a month but thanks to the clever developers of third party apps, they managed to bypass the restriction. And guess what? The developers have found a fix this time as well.

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It’s pretty clear, users don’t want to use Bixby button for Bixby, considering most of the Bixby features don’t work currently. Users want to use the Bixby button to launch other apps or settings. But Samsung keeps on pushing users to launch Bixby.

It’s an interesting fight going on between the third party developers and Samsung. Currently, however, third party developers are leading the fight.

Apparently, the developers of third party apps have added a “compatibility mode” that removes the restriction put by Samsung.

Your move, Samsung.

Source: Android Police