Samsung again disables remapping Bixby button on Galaxy S8 and S8+ (T-Mobile)

A few days back we reported that T-Mobile is rolling out June security patch for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The update along with June security patch brings certain UI changes.

However, that’s not all. Apparently, the latest June Security patch on S8 and S8+ disables remapping of Bixby button. This is not the first time that Samsung has blocked the remapping of Bixby button using third party apps.

In April as well, Samsung rolled out an update that blocked remapping of Bixby button. For the unaware, you could change the functionality of Bixby button from launching the Bixby to any other function using a third party app. However, looks like Samsung is not happy with this and wants you to stick to Bixby.

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Last time, when Samsung blocked the remapping of Bixby button, developers of third-party apps found a fix to remap Bixby button immediately, making the update useless.

However, Samsung found the loophole and has again blocked the remapping of Bixby button. Currently and unfortunately only T-Mobile users are facing this issue, other variants that have received June security patch have not complained about any such behavior.

Source: AndroidPolice