Dell Streak Offered By Best buy for $100

Dell Streak Best Buy Offer

Only recently, HTC G2 went for $50 on T-Mobile’s online space and now we’re hearing that the Dell Streak — a 5.0 inch big android device which is more of a tablet than a phone — has gone for $100 on Best Buy. Frankly, if you plan to not buy Nexus S on Dec 16 or wait for dual-core phone like LG Star and Motorola Olympus/Etna either, only then you should think about this offer. Oh yes, if you were like anyway on the brink of purchasing the Dell’s biggest android device, the offer is indeed sweet for you. By the way, both black and white color are in offer, with a 2 year AT&T contract.

Both Best Buy and T-Mobile have now offered there bit for the season, and it happens that these are the only two stores who’re gonna sell the best android phone currently, the Google Nexus S, beginning December 16. Now you know it’s not a coincidence, but a very faithful attempt to make way for Nexus S stocks, right?

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