Leaked Dell Smartphones and Tablets Plans – Sneak Peek!

Well, the leaked roadmap of Dell tell us hell lot of about what the company has already planned for us. Welcome the new unannounced android tablets – Gallo, Sterling, Opus One, Silver Oak, and android phones – Hancock, Millennium.

Dell is all set to launch at least 3 smartphones and 6 tablets in 2011 and in the first quarter of 2012. Unfortunately for Dell and very fortunately for us, an alleged internal roadmap has been leaked which has given us a sneak peak into what they have in store for us. In the tablet section Gallo, a honeycomb (android 3.0) tablet will be launched in April which will possibly have handwriting recognition by October – supposedly a flagship feature to be found in the next Android update. There’s another tablet in the works, scheduled for Q4 2011, codenamed as Sterling.

Dell Leaks

For 2012, we’ve heard of another two android tablets – running Honeycomb, which very well might see a change of plans if a new version of android hits chances of which are very much — named Opus One, Silver Oak. For what it’s worth, Dell looks to be working on Windows tablet too, labelled as Peju, and based on Windows 8.

Though the smartphone section is not as big as the tablet section but in the wow quotient it’s the same. Come September you will find the Dell Hancock in the stores which is said to be an Android Ice Cream (Android 2.4?) device with a dual core processor, a 4 inch 960 x 640- pixel display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera and 1080p HD video recording.

In October, Dell execs might be burning their midnight fuel (again!) to launch Millennium, which is supposedly yet another Android Ice Cream phones, with a dual core processor, 4.3-inch with 640 x 960-pixel display, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a VGA front camera, DLNA and 1080p HD video capture. Though these are probably code names, we at least get a idea of what to expect from Dell in the near future.

Well, the roadmap looks decent enough for Dell, and the outfit’s fans might find it very cool but honestly, we’re not too much impressed when we know about the upcoming Samsung devices – the Galaxy S2 and the galaxy Tab 10.1, both of which packs in superior hardware in comparison to that of Dell’s. What do you think? And by the way, it would be very hard – if not impossible — to resist the Motorola XOOM. Dell, you’re late, really!


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