Deal: Get LG G6 for $360 only through AT&T

A crazy deal for a latest flagship phone might have been the story of dreams, but not anymore. We have already seen top OEMs like LG, Huawei and even Samsung jump the bandwagon and offer lucrative deals to make their flagship products look more attractive. Now the war has shifted to the carrier frontiers with each one trying to edge out the other with screaming deals. AT&T has grabbed the spotlight this time by offering LG G6 at almost half its regular price. What? Oh yes, you read that right, but there’s a catch, as always. Read on.

AT&T is offering LG’s flagship phone G6 at only $360 for both its existing and new customers. To avail this offer, you will need to purchase the phone with an AT&T Next plan of 24 or 30 monthly installments. If you choose the 24 month period, you will need to shell out $15 per month while on the 30 month plan you will require to pump in $12 per month.

Now, that’s not the only catch. The main one is the sales tax payment for the full retail price up front, of course where applicable, as can be seen from the screenshot below.

Also, although the plan mentions a payment of $12 or $15 per month, you will need to pay $24 or $30 instead while AT&T will refund you 50 percent each month after you’ve paid your full monthly installment. Hence, the effective price will be $12 or $15 per month.

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Still, with whatever conditions the deal comes, being able to put our hands on a fresh flagship device at half its cost or at the price of a mid-range phone is worth all the terms and norms. I second that, do you?

Source: AT&T

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  1. awesome deal!! though there is a catch but it’s just that u have to stick with the same carrier for at least 24 months at a price of 15$ a month but when u think of it it’s not that bad, they r giving u the mobile at half of it’s original price and all u have to do is use their services for 24months instead of using any other service, I wish here in India Reliance Jio or Airtel come up with same deal to offer G6 at 25-30k by using their 4G packs for next 2-3 years, it will be great to see!!

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