Deal: Get Boost Mobile Galaxy S8 for $600 at SCD ($50 off)

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has turned out to be the wonder phone of 2017 with so many bells and whistles that it just doesn’t stop clinking. And OH, we so much like the sound of it (read Bixby!). But not the price tag attached with it. Well, that’s what this report is all about. To make you love the Galaxy S8 all the more with a sweet deal offering a price cut for this flagship phone.

SCD (ShopCellDeals) is giving away the Galaxy S8 at a price of $600. This is $50 off the regular $650 cost. Agreed that this isn’t a heavy discount, but nonetheless is a much better offer than over $700 price of the handset which we saw come attached with it post its launch.

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But hey, there’s a catch (yes, as always!). SCD is selling the Boost Mobile variant of Galaxy S8 which can be used only in the US. To able to use this particular phone from SCD, device activation with Boost Mobile is required.

Speaking of carriers, just two days back Costco offered a deal on T-Mobile Galaxy S8 and S8+ where you can get a Gear VR along with controller for free as well as a $150 Costco cash card. To know more about this deal visit the link below.

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Source: SCD

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