Customize your Android Phone with Coloring Screen Android App

Getting bored of the wallpaper on your Android device’s homescreen? Customize the wallpaper and breathe some new life into it with Coloring Screen. Coloring Screen is an app that lets you customize the wallpaper on your device with different effects, turning it into a live wallpaper with different animations if needed.

The app allows selecting from more than 20 preset color effects and photo filters, including day/night effects, cold or warm filters and more. Coloring Screen also allows manual adjustment of different parameters like contrast and saturation, including a cool option of blending the wallpaper image with a color of your choice.

With an upgrade to the premium version through an in-app $2 one-time fee, you can get access to even more customization options, such as displaying time and date info on the wallpaper, animations for different weather conditions, random color presets, and last but not the least, adding animations which occur when you touch or scroll on the screen.

Coloring Screen is a great app that allows a lot of customization of the wallpaper on the homescreen, making an old and boring wallpaper new and exciting again depending on how well you can customize it. It’s also very light on the battery and memory usage, though a lot of effects will increase battery drain as the device keeps up with the animations and effects.

Hit the link below to download Coloring Screen on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Do let us know how it works for you!

Play Store Link