Cool Themes for Sony Xperia Devices by PSX

A dedicated theme engine is one of the most exciting features of flagship smartphones in 2015. Both Samsung and HTC have done good job at that. But Sony has had a theme engine for a long time now, and it’s getting better with time.

Most of the flagship Sony Xperia devices have received the Lollipop update, however if you’re the kind of person who appreciates Lollipop but misses certain things about KitKat like all-black navigation and status bars, then XDA member xtremepredador has a few cool themes in store for you people. Check them out below:

Themes download links are at the bottom of the post.

Blue and Red

Red and Blue

Red-Blue Sony Xperia Themes [PSX]

Green and Orange

Green-Orange Sony Xperia Themes [PSX]

Purple and Blue

Purple-Blue Sony Xperia Themes [PSX]

Iron Man Reactor

Iron Man Reactor Sony Xperia Themes [PSX]

Captain America Shield

Captain America Sony Xperia Themes [PSX]

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  1. Nice pictures by the way

  2. Nice pictures by the way

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