How to Close Apps in watchOS 10

What to know

  • You can close apps from the App Switcher in watchOS 10 which you can access by double-pressing the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch. 
  • To close an unwanted app, navigate to the app by turning the Digital Crown, swipe it leftwards, and then tap on the X button
  • Apple has removed the App Switcher from the Side button in watchOS 10. Pressing the Side button now activates the Control Center on the Apple Watch. 
  • Follow the guide below with screenshots to learn more. 

How to close apps in watchOS 10

With watchOS 10, Apple has changed the way you can close apps that you have opened on your Apple Watch. To close apps on your Watch, you first need to access the App Switcher inside watchOS. 

To access the App Switcher, double-press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch. 

This will open the App Switcher on the screen where you’ll see all the apps you opened recently on your watch. To navigate through this list of apps, you can either turn the Digital Crown to your desired app or swipe up or down on the watch screen. 

Once you land on the desired app, you can swipe leftwards on it. 

Now, you can close the app by tapping on the red X button that appears on the right-hand side of the selected app. 

The app will now be removed from the App Switcher and will be closed.

To return to your watch face, simply press the Digital Crown

Why can’t I close apps using the Side button in watchOS 10?

Before watchOS 10, all your recently opened apps would appear in the App Switcher which was easily accessible by pressing the Side button on your Apple Watch. From there, you could close the apps you no longer wanted by swiping them leftwards and tapping on the X button. 

With watchOS 10, Apple has removed this functionality, since the Side button now triggers the Control Center on the screen. So, you can no longer the App Switcher from the Side button; you’ll have to use the Digital Crown instead as we explained in the guide above. 

That’s all you need to know about closing apps on your Apple Watch in watchOS 10. 

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