Clipper Android App Saves All You Copy for Editing and Saving Later


How often you use to copy text, hmm? Well, no matter whether you do on a very occasional basis or very frequently, you would love to have a tool that gives you ability to copy one after another without losing the earlier ones. Right? We’re talking about the Clipper android app that maintains clipboard history so that all that you copy is available to you for viewing later. Forget the basic limitation of one-copy-per-paste limit that haunted you for so long.


  • Saves all your clipboard data
  • Edit or paste later anything you copied earlier
  • Import/Export you clippings
  • Send to others for sharing
  • Got a galore of useful and very efficient features
  • Increases productivity of users
  • Copy virtually unlimited times before jumping onto paste/edit your clippings.. whoa!

Download the Clipper for FREE.

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Kapil Malani

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