Chance to Win a Free Galaxy Note 2 from HeroCraft at their birthday celebrations on Dec 17th.

First things first, HeroCraft is a Russian game developer which specializes in creating high-quality games for most popular mobile platforms. HeroCraft also has presence in the UK, Spain, Turkey and China.

Some of its popular titles on Android include Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Farm Frenzy, Treasures of Montezuma 2, Yumsters! and The Enchanted Kingdom. Of course there are lots more, but by now you know who we are talking about.

HeroCraft is nearing its birthday on December 17th, and intends to put up their 10 best Android titles on sale on the Play Store on that day. Which could mean that we could be seeing some awesome deals on these best selling games. In addition to this, HeroCraft is also planning to give away a a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100! Yeah sure, the pic on their Facebook page says Galaxy Note, but the N7100 is clearly the successor.

All you need to do to qualify for the draw on December 17th, is to visit HeroCraft’s official Facebook page and add a like. That’s it. The winner will be chosen randomly on December 17th, and if you’re feeling lucky, you’d better not pass this chance of scoring one of the best devices money can buy currently, for free.

And if you don’t end being lucky, you may still be able to pick up a couple of these awesome games from HeroCraft for less than a cup of coffee.

Via Android Forums