Best Deals and Coupon apps for Android

We live in an era where the tiny pocket device you carry around can do more things for you than a real-life personal assistant could. From finding you the cheapest flight tickets to your next holiday destination, to giving you directions to the nearest Walmart, there’s nothing you can’t depend on your Android device for. With the steep shift in the way consumers are purchasing products, the online revolution is certainly helping boost even the mobile app market with a bunch of useful additions.

The most useful ones for regular online shoppers has been the advent of saving potentially hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. The Google Play Store is packed with apps that not only bring you a combination of price tracking apps to find out where a product is being sold for the cheapest, but there is also a bunch of services that offer exclusive deals and discounts to mobile apps users. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of such apps which offer price tracking, tempting deals, and even coupons for you to cash out on.

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Best Android apps for Deals alert and coupons

Try out the apps linked below to get the most out of deals and promotions going on at various sites for various products. You can grab a huge discount if you get timely alert and coupons about the deal, and that’s where these Android apps come handy.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is one of the best deals and digital coupon apps on the Google Play Store. The app has ties with over 2500 retails across the globe and promises up to 40% cashback on every transaction. Apart from the retailers already mentioned, Rakuten also offers lucrative offers on some of the leading everyday-stores and services, such as Walmart, Lyft, Grubhub, and Caviar.

Rakuten also has 10000+ partner restaurants, leading to exciting offers and restaurants. Apart from regular coupons and deals, Rakuten gives cashback and even double cashback at select outlets.

Download: Rakuten from Google Play


Like Rakuten, Honey, too, is one of the leading super-saving apps out there. Honey probably falls a little short in terms of affiliated stores, but more than makes up for it with its ingenious browser integration. Yes, the app has a plug-in for all leading browsers, which makes saving up the most convenient task ever.

The coupon app has thousands of partner stores, ranging from fine dining to travel booking, which makes it super easy to get mouth-watering discounts. Honey covers over 400 popular stores, and its One Cart shopping allows you to keep different products from these stores in a single bag. Finally, it automatically applies coupons at your favorite stores, making sure you never miss an opportunity to save up.

Download: Honey from Google Play


Back in the day, we used to scour all our local newspapers for exciting coupons. Upon spotting one on one of our lucky days, we used to cut them precisely and present it to the concerned store. Thanks to digitization, the trend has changed, but we still get a few physical coupons every now and then. Organizing them is not always the easiest of tasks and it might not be a bad idea to store them in a digital format and use whenever required. The app in question, SnipSnap, does this task expertly, storing all your coupons in digital format. Just snap a picture of your coupon and the app takes care of the rest — it’s that simple.

The app also shows coupon expiration alerts, has a big database of active alerts, and even shows you the success rate of coupons.

Download: SnipSnap from Google Play Mobile App

While SnipSnap converts analog to digital, proudly flaunts the ability to print out digital coupons. You can print such product-specific coupons and present them to local stores, which would then be compelled to offer you hefty discounts.

If you’re not too inclined to use printed coupons, you can also make use of’s plug and play, active coupons that offer instant discounts. Also, you won’t need to use the app to use these digital coupons. The website would serve you just fine. However, to get all the discounts and cashback offers, you’d better install the application for free from the Google Play Store.

Download: from Google Play


About ShopSavvy

What seems nothing more than a barcode and QR code scanner app at first, is actually a comprehensive deal-finder and price tracker tool. PriceSavvy comes packed with over 400+ categories of products in its inventory to help you save more every time, and including deals from over 20000+ retailers which include Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon and so many more. The next time you’re about to make a purchase, just use ShopSavvy to scan the barcode to see if a better price is available elsewhere, and since most retailers price-match their products, you can have the price discounted, or simply catch the product at the cheaper retailer instantly.

Download: ShopSavvy from Google Play


Android App Preview 1080_112217

A widely popular service that has been around for years now, RetailMeNot has now made shopping online or in-store a profitable experience with thousands of deals and coupons just a tap away. You can go through the Featured section to find the freshest deals out there, or cherry-pick the ones you want and simply redeem them at checkout. If you’re out at the mall to have a good time and no clue what to get, use the app’s Mall Max feature to view all of the deals and offers in your proximity, so you always end up with a good deal when spending your hard-earned money.

Download: RetailMeNot from Google Play

Woot Check

Another massively popular deals and discounts service that has made its way into the Android app world, Woot Check is a portable and comprehensive way of saving money on products and services without spending hours on catching the best deals. All of the deals are broken down into different WOOT! (categories) so you can find relevant items quicker, while you can also set up notifications for deal alerts on specific categories based on your interests directly on your mobile device.

Download: Woot Check from Google Play

Price Tracker for Amazon

It is an undeniable fact that online shopping is becoming far more prevalent, and it just might be the only way you prefer getting your stuff. Amazon is a massive part of the online shopping experience for most people, which is why finding the best-priced products on the website is so much simpler with the Price Tracker for Amazon app. Offering tracking support across 9 different regions where Amazon operates, all you need to do is sign in, start adding products to your Tracklist and set up “Lower Price” and “Below Target Price” alerts and get a complete price change history of thousands of products to find out if buying them at the current price is worth your money.

Download: Price Tracker for Amazon from Google Play

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EBATES already does a swell job of helping you get real money back from the purchases you make online and in the local stores, but with their Shopular app, they’re helping you save even more. Since coupon codes can be unreliable at times, Shopular holds an inventory of only 100% verified coupons and codes from the biggest names in the retailing business. Covering over 100+ different outlets across the United States with names like Cartwheel, JC Penney, Kohls, Macy’s and several more, Shopular even comes with weekly ads and cashback schemes on select stores.

Download: Shopular from Google Play


landscape ibotta 5 0 no text

So you can go out of your way to find coupons and deals to get great savings, but what if you could go about your day and still end up saving money on all of your purchases? Ibotta brings you real cash back with your daily purchases through Cash Back rebates across thousands of products and hundreds of retailers. From grocery shopping at Kroger to hailing a cab with Uber, Ibotta helps you really back real cash and redeem it directly through multiple different channels, including PayPal, Venmo, or even your choice of gift cards from the biggest brands out there.

Download: Ibotta from Google Play


Flipp - Weekly Shopping

A safe haven for those who have grown up snipping coupons from the local newspapers and magazines, Flipp is a useful tool to have in your arsenal the next time you’re out shopping. Apart from simply issuing thousands of coupons every day, Flipp also allows you to tie up the loyalty accounts from your favorite departmental stores and automatically manage your points. With a separate section for you to look up product-specific discounts and even store-related deals and offers, Flipp helps you keep your weekly shopping list organized and on point.

Download: Flipp from Google Play


Whether you’ve had a bad experience with Amazon, or looking for a service that does not discriminate between Prime and non-Prime members, Jet is going to be your favorite. The shopping service comes with a massive directory of products to choose from, including day-to-day groceries and electronic items. Everything you purchase in your cart for more than $35 is shipped for free with no hidden charges anywhere, and you get all of your things with a nationwide (USA) 2-day delivery guarantee. Their referral program is quite generous, offering rewards as JetCash which you can then directly use the store right away.

Download: Jet from Google Play


BuyVia Shopping App - Android, iPhone, iPad - Mobile Deals, Local, Online Coupons, Barcode Scanning

The fact that so many retailers online and in local outlets across the same country sell the same products at different prices can be confusing for the tech geeks. This is why BuyVia helps you get the best price for your next gadget shopping spree from Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and a bunch of other retailers. With over a million coupons offered and used by shoppers till date, BuyVia also sets up price tracking and notification alerts for when your favorite items are on sale, and you can do a lot more than just electronics shopping with their personalized feed that offers deals that would interest you the most.

Download: BuyVia from Google Play

Are you ready to change the way you go around shopping with these useful and handy apps for Android?

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