Capsa Notes is One Simple and Feature-rich Note Taking Android app, with Subfolders, Templates, Markdown, Tags and more!

Capsa Notes is simple, different and very complex if you would want it to be so. Yep, whether it’s about creating a simple shopping/grocery list, or about creating so-called non-relational database on plain text files, it’s do-able, in an easy way!

Capsa Notes supports Markdown, which makes writing and organizing notes delightfully easy. Moreover, notes are saved in simple texts files which can be opened from any text editor, so that you able to open up your Notes on PC and on any device with a simple text editor app. No worries about unsupported notes outside of the app, and that’s really helpful sometimes.

But there is still one great feature of this app: Subfolders. Basically, subfolders are notes to note, or let’s say, notes inside a note. For a given note, you can create extra notes, to help you organize things better and that certainly produces great view of even the detailed out things.

And the features doesn’t end here: it even allows for template creation for similar routine notes, tag your notes, and can even assign variables with values assigned to them.

And there is no need to subscribe to any service. You can sync your notes to PC too, using Dropbox, but Google Drive is not supported yet.

Capsa Notes Features

  • Subfolders!
  • Templates
  • Markdown for simple, quick and best text editing
  • Holo UI with slide-out navigation for options
  • Tags
  • Sync with PC with Dropbox
  • Simple text files, open-able in any text editor on PC or any smartphone
  • A lot more!

Our Rating of the App: 4.5/5.0

  • UI – 4.0
  • Features – 4.5
  • Price – 4.0

*Rating is not an average.

Tell us your view and rating of the app. And suggestions, if any.

APP PRICE: $2.0 | Free/Trial Version: Available.


Capsa Notes Video Overview

Capsa Notes Intro

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