Go Launcher HD for Android Tablets

Of all the smartphone OS out there, Android is perhaps the most customizable, with the ability to change a lot of default settings and apps. The default launcher in Android is also changeable, with plenty of different alternatives available on the Android Market (or Google Play as they now call it). These launchers allow you to change a lot of settings such as customizing shortcut icons, adding homescreen scrolling effects, and more.

Anyone who’s ever played with custom launchers on Android has probably heard of Go Launcher EX, which is one of the most famous and well-known launcher app out there. Go Launcher brings an amazing array of customization options, extensive themes support, an inbuilt task manager, social networking and other widgets, and quite a few other things that make it one of the most feature-loaded launcher available for Android. And now, an HD version of Go Launcher EX has been released, Go Launcher HD, specifically for Android tablets running on Android 3.0+. It brings you the same old Go Launcher EX experience with most of its functionality but in high-definition form for your big screen Android tablet.

Those who are interested in trying it out can do so by visiting this Google Play link from their computer or by visiting the Android Market on their tablets and install it from there. Do keep in mind that it is only available for tablets and Android 3.0 and up, so non-tablet users will need to stick to Go Launcher EX, which can be obtained here. Let us know your experience with Go Launcher HD in the comments below.


  1.  The ‘Go Launcher’ and  the ‘Launcher7’ are far better than the Samsung’s
    TW launchers. Really the Launcher7 is worth trying, it will give our
    device a totally novel style!
    Mahmud K

  2. I really like SPB Shell 3D. It may not have the same customisational options, but I find it aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

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