Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile or Page? [Explained]

Facebook has been the leading social networking site ever since its launch in 2007. It is true that Facebook collects its users’ data (and sharing it in bulk with other parties has landed it in troubled waters from irate users in the past) but it never tells them who’s been viewing their profile. Over the years, people have been searching for the find ways that will enable them to do so and find out exactly who’s been stalking them.

Can you find who viewed your Facebook profile or page?

Well, nope. Sad it is and exciting as it could be, you just can’t know who checked your Facebook profile or Facebook business page. We know, we know, it would be pretty exciting to see who is stalking you but as it stands right now, there is no way to see the Facebook users who had a glance of your profile.

But I heard there were some tricks you could use…

Granted, there are various methods floating around that claim to show users exactly how to find it out. But is that even possible? Let’s take a look at the various popular methods that assert such a possibility and find out if any of them work.

No, the Facebook app on iOS doesn’t let you view who views your Facebook profile.

This is perhaps the most common method, claiming that Facebook’s official iOS app lets users find out who’s been stalking them. The touted method guides users to find the “Who viewed my profile?” option by clicking on Privacy Shortcuts in the app’s settings. 

However, those who’ve tried following these steps have only found out that, much to their dismay, no such option exists. Facebook has even mentioned on its help page that “Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile”, nor can third-party apps provide this functionality. 

You can’t find who viewed your Facebook profile from Profile Source Code either.

Another method that users may stumble across leads them to check their timeline’s page source and search for such words as “InitialChatFriendsList” or “orderfriends”. It goes on to guide users to find the profile id numbers that are highlighted after these words. But if one were to look for these words by checking page source, they wouldn’t turn up.

Even if such a method worked before, currently, it doesn’t seem to work. It is possible that Facebook came to know of such a hack and changed the source code so that users cannot access it anymore. 

The Chrome Extensions do not work either.

Lastly, there are many chrome extensions that claim to unveil what Facebook so tightly wants to keep under wraps at all times. Some of them include the likes of ‘Flatbook’ and ‘Super Viewer for Facebook’, but neither of them do what they purport it. 

Users ought to be careful not to fall into such traps in a bid to find out people who have viewed their profiles. Although some other websites and apps do allow users to do so, such as LinkedIn (premium feature), no such option exists for Facebook currently.