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Google has released an official android app for blogger — where on can host a blog for free, or just $10 a year, to remove the blogspot from the web address. Blogger android app allows one to write and edit posts with images and publish them on the go, or save as draft. is a free tool — and perhaps the best portal for free blogs — that allows one to start blogging quite hassle-free. It’s not the first choice for many who’re looking to earn a living from the Internet, but it’s still a household name when it comes to start a blog without spending a penny, or just $10 a year, if you want to remove the ‘blogspot’ from your website’s address.

Yesterday, Google released the Blogger, a Free android app for blogs hosted on Can’t say it was anything like much-awaited, but yes, those who have a daily-life combination of blogger and android phone, it’s obviously a great release, and they might be really waiting for a long time too.

Blogger Android App is nicely feature packed and suffices most of the write-edit-post requirements. While support for multiple blogs is a big plus — if one knows about blogger, it’s hard to find anyone with just one blog on it — support for images (gallery or camera), labels, location information and draft/direct publishing was something very much needed and duly provided with.

One of the very much sought feature — checking out comments with ability reply them from an app only, went missing, as also the blogger analytics, which lets one check out a thing about daily visitors and blog’s popularity. Further, you can view the list of posts, but that’s restricted to those which you’ve published from your mobile. Moreover, apps2sd feature isn’t supported, too.

So, it’s no where near a full featured blogger package for android, but when it comes to submit posts on the Go, it’s definitely a happy solution to live with.

Android Market Description Extracts:

  • Account/blog selection
  • Include pictures from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels
  • Add location information
  • Save as draft or immediately publish
  • View list of saved/published posts

For your android device to be compatible, android 2.1 or higher version is a must have, which isn’t insane — considering over 90% of the android phones today are android 2.1 and higher.

Download Blogger

Let us know whether the Blogger android app is just what you’ve been waiting for, or, you totally feel should have been more features added to it to spice it up.

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