BlackBerry Priv, Passport, Classic, Leap sale discontinued in the US

Nothing is permanent but change. The same goes for the smartphone market. Rather, changes here are more rapid than one could imagine. Thus, the life-cycle of a phone is considered to be two years after which it gets obsolete, at least in terms of receiving software updates and is either followed by a successor or at times discontinued.

Following this trend, BlackBerry has halted selling BlackBerry Priv, Passport, Classic and Leap phones in the US. These four handsets are no where to be seen on the BlackBerry’s own Shop BlackBerry website. However, the company is till giving away accessories attached with these devices, that too at a discount of up to 50% off. Apparently, it is trying to clear its stock of all things related to the four products.

Now, BlackBerry Passport was the first of the four to be released in June 2014 followed by launch of BlackBerry Classic towards the end of the same year. BlackBerry Leap followed suit later in April 2015 while BlackBerry Priv was launched amidst much fanfare as the company’s first Android phone in September 2015.

But with the launch of Android powered BlackBerry KeyOne this year, which is yet to release in the US though mind you, with a lot of powerful specifications, it doesn’t make much sense to continue the sale of Priv. Notably, Priv is still available in the U.K. and Germany with huge discounts.

Meanwhile, the May sale is going on at the Shop BlackBerry website with many cool deals. You can check those out for yourselves by visiting the links below.

ShopBlackBerry: (U.S), (Canada), (U.K.), (Germany), (France)

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