BlackBerry KEYone now available for purchase through Vodafone UK

BlackBerry, the Canadian company, is bringing its most successful smartphone yet (in the recent times) to the UK via Vodafone. The smartphone has already been made available in the UK back in April.

And now, users will be able to purchase the handset from Vodafone UK as well. Price for the same start as low as £10 upfront with the prices of the monthly plans starting at £36.

BlackBerry KEYone has been quite a successful phone for the company in the recent past. It’s been breaking all the company’s old records at Rogers in its home turf and has gone out of stock just within a day from the launch date in the US.

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Now that the smartphone is also available on Vodafone UK, we can expect the company to sell more units. You can purchase the smartphone either online or from the store. If you choose the former, the product will be delivered within 1-2 days from the day of launch.

The BlackBerry KEYone, as mentioned earlier, has landed in the UK in April itself. It was first made available at Selfridges after which the KEYone made its way to Carphone Warehouse among alongside other retailers.

Source: Vodafone UK

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