Bixby update for Galaxy S8 brings short voice commands


Samsung has updated its brand new AI-based voice assistant which brings it the ability to recognize short voice commands and execute them accordingly.

What this essentially means is that whenever you ask Bixby to perform an action, it recognizes and remembers the keywords from that particular instruction and allows you to use a short command for the same action in future.

For instance, if you’ve asked: “Bixby, will you check my bank account balance?” The digital assistant will remember keywords from this instruction such as “bank account,” “account balance,” and the like.

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This will allow the digital assistant to perform the same action, i.e., to check one’s bank account balance just by uttering “bank account,” and “account balance,” in the future. Meaning a short voice command can get things done instead of an entire sentence.

Further, the company noted that the assistant will take around 10 seconds to provide you with the results (verify bank account balance here), once you are done with the biometric authentication.

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Previously, when Bixby was asked to play music, the lock screen would show up instead of the music. The company seems to have fixed that problem as well with the update. Now the device allows you to setup secure places in Smart Lock, which in turn, automatically allows the handset to unlock it and play music when in the registered safe places.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the company has also updated the Bixby’s background color, fixed issues related to the Gallery, and more.

Source: etnews

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