Bixby features explained by Samsung’s InJong Rhee

Samsung seems to be playing all of its aces straight away with the company aiming for the top spot in AI assistants. Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services, InJong Rhee, just posted an article giving us an overview of Bixby and where it is expected to stand in with the competition.

He states that by offloading the human learning curve for using Android, Bixby will make using Samsung devices more natural and intuitive. This idea of being natural with the product and avoiding confusion is expanded upon by the introduction of a separate Bixby button on the smartphone.

According to Samsung’s InJong Rhee, the thing that sets Bixby apart from the rest of the bunch is its ability to function completely for an app. This would include things like, being able to perform voice commands to do almost anything or at least that’s what Samsung claims. Samsung calls this feature “Completeness”. The Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana are limited in this aspect to an extent with most commands redirecting you to a web search. He said that basically anything you can do by touching the phone can be done with Bixby.

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Samsung also claims that Bixby will have a higher level of Context Awareness when compared to the competition. The user will not be distracted or broken away from the task he or she is doing thanks to context awareness. Though we’ve already seen this in action with the Google Assistant.

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Cognitive Tolerance is another term thrown in by InJong Rhee, which in simple words means ability of the AI to understand the question. It’s a must-do for AIs anyway, but it would be cool to see if Bixby turns out very capable of understanding poorly phrased queries. This enables the user to have a more comfortable and more natural way of interfacing with the assistant.

once Galaxy S8 is launched, and the service is enable later in June or July this year, we’ll see for ourselves whether Samsung keeps to its promises. There’s just about a week left when the AI will be revealed along with the flagship Galaxy S8 come March 29.

Source: Samsung Newsroom