BitTorrent Shoot app lets you securely share large files across devices

bittorrent shoot

BitTorrent Shoot is a new application that is aimed to help you to easily transfer the larger files between devices. This new application that has been released by BitTorrent provides a new and easy way for the users to share multiple photos and videos with one another via a simple QR code.

The highlight is that Shoot is available for the three major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The users can download the application and share the files quickly with one another between devices.

The BitTorrent Shoot makes use of the Sync technology that lets users to transfer the files without any restrictions on the file size. It does the work securely without any necessity for the files to go through the cloud.

bittorrent shoot app

The compatibility with the three leading mobile platforms and inherent privacy in direct file transfers are definitely the most welcome features of the BitTorrent Shoot. The only obstacle is that everyone can get onboard the app, but only the first three sends are free.

Once you send three files, you will have to pay a fee of $1.99 to send more files. This is a one-time fee and you will not be charged more. Also, it is free for the person who is receiving the files.

Source: BitTorrent