Being in Shape with Libra Weight Manager Android App

Libra weight manager-App

The ‘Libra weight manager’ is unique and with the aid of this application one can keep track of their weight daily, within a short period of time. It is a statistical application, which gives a line graph of your weight. This application uses share chart and trend line to monitor weight. This application features techniques of easy data entry as well.

It has scrollable and has a zoomable chart along and can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Other features include: weight goal, daily kilo calorie estimate, time required to achieve the goal etc. It also visualizes your diet plan in a chart format and you can even share these charts on twitter and facebook via mms and email.

The Libra – Weight Manager also allows you to export/import your data to excel compatible files. It also features ‘Withings‘ synchronisation with real-time push notifications and not to be left out, widgets are there too. The graphical weight representation feature is really useful as can be seen from user reviews in the app’s market page.

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