Best Samsung Galaxy A6 cases: Clear, Rugged, Leather, Wallet, Slim, Standout and more

the best samsung galaxy a6 cases

After obtaining the Galaxy A6 (2018), it is advisable to get accessories that will enable the device to give you a long lasting service without compromising greatly on looks and appearance. No one dislikes a constant as-new look on their phone even with longterm usage.

To achieve this, you will need to consider getting that perfect case for your Galaxy A6. You are in the right place as we will take you in the Galaxy A6 cover world and at the end, you will be able to choose one that augers well with you.

We look at different cases in this post including rugged, clear, slim, leather, wallet and more. Let’s dive in!


Wallet/Leather Cases

Official Galaxy A6 Wallet Cover

This is an official case from Samsung for the Galaxy A6 featuring a durable shell-type design. Your Galaxy A6 gets all-round protection without compromising access to device functionality. In addition, the screen is protected by a flip cover and better yet you get a hidden card slot to carry your preferred cards.

Buy from Samsung (£24.00)

Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case

Looking for a leather case with a minimalistic design yet stylish and premium look to complement your Galaxy A6? This case from Olixar is just what you need. The leather material will protect your A6 from scratches, knocks, and drops while the magnetic fastener ensures the device is secure when not in use. In addition, the case provides you with 2 card slots to store your credit cards or IDs. Better yet, the cover can be folded in a way to function as a kickstand for that landscape view orientation on your A6.

Buy on Olixar ($19.99)

Spigen Wallet Case

Though a bit expensive, this is an ideal case for you that prefers a case that offers extra features besides protecting your Galaxy A6. This leather case from Spigen comes with an embedded TPU casing to protect your device from drops and shocks while providing 3 card slots for additional space to carry cards and cash. In addition, the cover can be transformed into a kickstand for hands-free viewing experience and for added security of your A6, a magnetic strap is provided.

Buy on Amazon ($34.99)

Aicoco Case

This case from Aicoco will give you 2 card slots and a side pocket besides featuring a durable PU leather to protect your Galaxy A6 against dirt, bumps, and scratches. A magnetic closure ensures the flip cover is tight enough to secure the device and cards. On the other hand, the flip case can function as a kickstand.

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

Lacass PU Leather Case

Get convenient storage of your cards and cash all in one place with this case for your Galaxy A6. Ditch that extra baggage while keeping both the Galaxy A6 and contents secure with the case’s magnetic clip. Better yet, use the front cover as a kickstand when viewing your media in landscape mode on your Galaxy A6.

Buy on Amazon ($7.81)

Slim Cases

Galaxy A6 Dual Layer Cover

Want a case that does not get in the way when using your A6? Samsung has you covered by bringing you this dual-layered protection case. The outer shell shields your A6 from dings while the softer TPU acts as a shock absorber. On the other hand, your A6 will feel much more comfortable in the hands due to the smooth finish and grip of the case. Available in black or gold.

Buy from Samsung

Flexishield Gel Case

This is a case for the Galaxy A6 from Olixar. This case will fit perfectly on your A6 without adding unnecessary bulk to it due to its minimalistic design. Your A6 is kept in pristine condition as the flexible yet strong gel material keeps away scratches and dirt. No need to worry when placing your A6 on flat surfaces as the raised bezel will provide further protection to the display.

Buy on Olixar ($9.99)

Spigen Liquid Air Case

This case from Spigen is definitely premium. The signature geo pattern with a matte finish leaves your Galaxy A6 extra clean and fingerprint resistant. Corners are locked in with Air Cushion Technology to absorb shock in case you drop your device. The slim and lightweight TPU layer will make your Galaxy A6 pocket-friendly while on the other hand, the precise cutouts with tactile buttons allow for quick response.

Buy on Spigen ($14.99)

Kqimi Premium Case

This is another case that does not get in the way of your Galaxy A6 as it is ultra-thin. It has a smooth finish of protective skin that besides making your A6 unique and fashionable it also gives adequate protection against drops and shock. On the other hand, the high-quality PC material possesses good thermal conductivity therefore capable of quickly dissipating heat generated by your A6. The case has precise cutouts to ensure you do not miss access to any port or button.

Buy on Amazon ($10.99)

E-Began TPU Case

This Galaxy A6 case has a leather texture and pattern at the back. Its rubberized gel forms the matte finish surface to prevent grease and sweat from hands to stay on the case. In fact, you can get rid of that with just a wipe off. The precise cutouts will enable you to access all buttons and ports of your Galaxy A6 without having to remove the case.

Buy on Amazon ($7.98)

Clear Cases

Exoshield Tough Snap-on Case

This case from Olixar will ensure that you show off your Galaxy A6 due to its crystal clear transparency while still making sure you are adequately protected against scratches, knocks and drops. The case adds very minimal bulk to your A6 thanks to the lightweight and slim design while on the other hand, chances of you dropping your A6 are minimized as the case has a non-slip coating for that extra grip. The reinforced raised corners will serve to shield your A6’s screen and rear camera against scratches on flat surfaces.

Buy on Olixar ($14.99)

Exact Design Crystal Clear Case

This is a wireless charging compatible case for your galaxy A6 from Exact Design. The ultra clear TPU material will not only show off your Galaxy A6 but also will protect the device from impact, shocks and bumps. The case has a slim profile to ensure no unnecessary bulk is added to your A6. In addition, the case has precise cutouts to allow full access to all functions on the phone.

Buy on Amazon ($5.95)

CoverON Clear TPU Case

Showcase the original look of your Galaxy A6 with this ultra clear TPU case from CoverON. The case will defend the A6 against scratches and drops while maintaining a slim fit and low profile to avoid unnecessary bulk.

Buy on Amazon ($8.49)

Vinve Slim Clear Back Case

This Galaxy A6 case from Vinve is made of ultra-clear PC back cover to protect the device against scratches and drops. Show off the beauty of your A6 with this case while maintaining a slim fit on the device that will not compromise on any functionality of the device.

Buy on Amazon ($7.98)

OtterBox Prefix Series Case

This case from OtterBox is definitely easy to install and switch out on top of accentuating your Galaxy A6. Show off your A6 with this ultra-slim clear case that slides easily in and out of your pocket. The case’s durable material will withstand high-use and on the other hand absorb shock from drops and bumps

Buy on Amazon ($19.95)

Rugged Cases

Sentinel Case with Glass Screen Protector

Not all of us are fans of flip covers and so this will be a very good 2-in-1 alternative. This superior flexible case from Olixar for your Galaxy A6 features a premium matte non-slip carbon fiber for that more secure grip and a brushed metal finish that accentuates the beautiful design of the A6. The case makes sure your A6 is well-protected from all angles with an added bonus of a tempered glass protector for the display.

Buy on Olixar ($29.99)

Olixar ArmourDillo Case

This is a rugged case by Olixar featuring a dual layer for impact resistance and shock absorption. Your Galaxy A6 will be protected from drops, bumps, scrapes, and scratches while maintaining a comfortable and enhanced grip due to the textured back plate. Better yet, you get a built-in kickstand for convenient viewing of photos and videos.

Buy on Amazon ($12.99)

Elegant Choise Galaxy A6 Protective Case

This is another dual layer case for the Galaxy A6 featuring a shock-absorbing TPU and impact resistant PC back cover. It comes with a foldable belt swivel for use on the belt and in addition, can function as a kickstand when need be. Besides getting full body protection for your Galaxy A6, functionality is not compromised at all due to the precise cutouts on the case.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

NageBee Rugged Combo Case with Tempered Glass

A 2-in-1 case featuring an impact resistant PC and shock absorbing silicone sleeve with double-enforced corners to provide outstanding protection for your Galaxy A6 against shocks and impact. Better yet, you get a tempered glass protector to ensure the screen is safe in case of drops. The featured locking belt swivel will enable you to attach your A6 on the belt and carry it easily and also perform kickstand functions when need be.

Buy on Amazon ($9.97)

CoverON Rugged Series Protective Case

CoverON have some of the best cases and this one will give you a modern, subtle yet attracting look in any setting. Unlike other rugged cases, it has tried to maintain a minimalistic design while still providing adequate tough protection to the Galaxy A6. Comes with metallic button covers that easy press with a special style on top. You will never miss any function on your Galaxy A6 as the case comes with precise cutouts for all ports and buttons.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Standout Cases

EagleCell Hybrid Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This elegant case for your Galaxy A6 will give adequate protection against bumps, scratches, fingerprints, and dust while still maintaining an easy installation and removal process. The custom cutouts on the case will ensure you access all buttons and ports on your A6. In addition, you are provided with a free screen protector for the display.

Buy on Amazon ($8.75)

Star Drop Protection Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This case will bring beauty to your Galaxy A6 while still amazingly protecting you from drops and impacts. The flowery design will appeal more to the ladies to give that extra elegant special look to the Galaxy A6. Better yet, a tempered glass screen protector prevents scratches without compromising on sensitivity.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Gete Protective Case

A special case from Gete for your Galaxy A6 aimed at providing ultimate protection against multiple drops and falls. The case is good looking from the back giving your A6 an elegant special look. The built-in ring at the back serves as a holder and kickstand while the good sized lip at the front makes sure the screen is protected in case of face-down drops.

Buy on Amazon ($6.98)

Leegu Floral Case

A clear case from Leegu with a unique floral design at the back to give your Galaxy A6 a revamped eye-catching look. Being made of soft TPU rubber, your A6 is protected from scratches, bumps and other daily wear. On the other hand, it is ultra-thin with easy reach to all buttons and ports on your A6.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

Isaderser Mirror Makeup Wallet Case

A unique luxury case that comes with a mirror-like flip cover for your Galaxy A6. From the look, it is a perfect fit with minimal bulk and the kickstand will let you enjoy using your A6 handsfree. It is perfect in preventing dust shock, scratches and bumps from destroying the good look of your Galaxy A6.

Buy on Amazon ($10.99)


There you have it. We hope at the end of it you have been able to find the one case that meets your requirements for your Galaxy A6. Your A6 will now be safe from daily wear and give you a long-lasting service maintaining looks and functionality.