The best Bluetooth over the ear headphones

With most smartphone makers doing away with the headphone jack, you might be forced to switch over to a pair of Bluetooth earphones or headphones or even purchase type-C earphones which aren’t as good as some Bluetooth earphones or wired headphones.

However, if you simply don’t want wired headphones and are looking out for the best Bluetooth over the ear headphones, then we’ve got you covered as well.

There are a boatload of headphones available in the market and picking the best can get a bit tricky and might even rob you off a couple of hours. To help make your search for the best Bluetooth over the ear headphones easier, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best Bluetooth over the ear headphones.

We’ve categorized the headphones based on their price hence you could find the best headphones under $50 to $100 to $250, all the way up to over $350. Without wasting much time, let’s check out the best over the ear headphones that use Bluetooth, as currently available.

Under USD 50

Bluedio T4 (Turbine)

If you’re looking for a great pair for ANC cans under $50 bucks, then the Bluedio T4 (Turbine) audio are the ones to go for. The noise canceling isn’t as good as the premium ANC headphones such as the Bose QC 35’s or the Sony’s, however, considering the price the ANC is definitely good.

The sound quality is pretty impressive as well and outputs a good amount of bass for all you bass lovers. It’s also one of the only budget over the ear headphones to come with a USB type-C port. The cans are pretty comfortable as well and shouldn’t feel too heavy.

Buy on Newegg ($42.99)

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re looking for the best ultra-affordable Bluetooth over the ear headphones, then these Mpow H7 headphones should be the end to your search. The headphones offer some decent passive noise isolating and the memory-protein ear cushions are fairly comfortable even when rocking the headphones for a couple of hours.

The sound quality offered by this pair of headphones is the absolute best for the price which is why the Mpow H7’s are a great recommendation if you aren’t an audiophile and simply want an affordable pair of over the ear headphones.

Buy on Amazon ($21.99)

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Here’s another pair of absolutely great Bluetooth headphones for the price by Mpow. The headphones can work via Bluetooth as well as via a 3.5mm audio jack. The audio quality is slightly better than the Mpow H7 headphones and the CSR chip and 40mm driver produce well-balanced sound.

You get up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge; however, your mileage may vary. Nonetheless, for the asking price, there’s no other better alternative to the Mpow 059.

Buy on Amazon ($34.99)

Under USD 100

TaoTronics TT-BH22

If you have a budget slightly above $50 bucks, then this pair of Bluetooth headphones from TaoTronics is a no-brainer. The TT-BH22 is for the bass heads out there since the dual 40mm drivers output a ton of bass while also keeping the highs and mids well-balanced.

The cans have 90° swiveling earcups which help in storage and the super soft memory protein earpads are fairly comfortable. The battery should last you anywhere between 25 hours to 30 hours of playback time which is pretty decent.

Buy on Amazon ($59.99)

Skullcandy Crusher

The Skullcandy Crushers are easily one of the best Bluetooth headphones at the under $150 price range and most of us are already familiar with many other amazing audio accessories from Skullcandy. The cans have dual 40mm audio drivers as well as two separate subwoofer drivers to deliver epic bass output.

What’s even more impressive is that you could also adjust the bass levels to your preference within a matter of seconds. The Skullcandy Crusher also can last for about 40 hours and have rapid charging technology and can be fully charged within 2 hours 50 minutes.

Buy on Amazon ($105.00)

Under USD 150

Audio-Technica ATH-S700BT SonicFuel

Audio-Technica produces some of the absolute best Bluetooth headphones. The ATH-S700BT from Audio-Technica offers a great audio listening experience and also pack in 40 mm drivers.

The headphones have a playback time of around 6 hours and a standby time of about 200 hours which is pretty impressive. The build quality is top notch and the headphones should last a really long time with good care.

Buy on Newegg ($129.00)

Under USD 250

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

If you’re not looking for fancy ANC headphones, then the ATH-M50xBT from Audio-Technica is the best over the ear headphones currently available at the price. The ATH-M50x wired headphones were the best headphones from the company and now these new Bluetooth cans offer the same experience wirelessly as well.

The proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers pump out absolutely crip audio and the bass is exceptional and can be compared to that of other headphones over the $250 price range as well. The headphones also offer a whopping 40 hours of continuous use; however, take about 7 hours to juice up from 0%-100%.

Buy on Amazon ($199.00)


JBL is well known for its amazing audio accessories and also has some of the best earphones, headphones, and speakers as well. The JBL E65BTNC over the ear headphones offers great active noise canceling and also is super comfortable and light.

The headphones can last about 15 hours with ANC and Bluetooth turned on and if you choose to turn off ANC and use the headphones only via Bluetooth, then you could squeeze out at least 24 hours of playback time. These headphones also offer stunning exceptional audio quality and are definitely worth checking out.

Buy on Newegg ($199.95)

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

Now if you’re looking for the overall best headphones under the $250 price range, then these sick headphones from Sennheiser should be the end to your search. The PXC 550 wireless headphones have a superior build quality and the NoiseGard technology works pretty well in canceling out any background noise.

Much like any other Sennheiser audio accessory, the PXC 550 delivers crisp and clean audio quality with plenty of bass and overall clarity. The padded headband and super soft earcups make up for a comfortable listening experience.

Buy on Amazon ($234.99)

Under USD 350

Sony WH1000XM3

The Sony WH1000XM3 is one of the best headphones you could get ANC or not. These pair of cans have become one of the most popular headphones in the market and the headphones have it all; great sound quality, great build quality, nifty features, you name it, it’s got it.

The headphones also come with Alexa voice control and offer spectacular audio quality as well as the best active noise canceling experience on any headphones.

Buy on Amazon ($348.00)

Sony XB950N1

If you’re a bass head and don’t mind shelling out a premium for the best bass headphones, then look no further than the Sony XB950N1 headphones. The incredible amount of bass would leave you wanting for more; however, even the highs and mids are well balanced and aren’t too overpowered by the bass.

The soft cushioned earpads offer great comfort even when listening to music for a couple hours straight. The cans offer up to 22 hours of battery with Bluetooth as well as digital noise canceling turned on.

Buy on Amazon ($248.00)

Microsoft Surface Headphones

The Microsoft Surface headphones were a pleasant surprise since the headphones offer a lot of features and are super comfortable as well are one of the best built over the ear headphones currently available.

The Surface headphones offer great audio quality and also come with support for Cortana to quickly perform searches. The headphones also have active noise canceling to drown out any background noise and let you listen to music or watch your shows distraction free.

Buy on Amazon ($339.50)

Under USD 400

Bowers & Wilkins PX

Now if you don’t mind shelling out a pretty penny for the absolute best headphones that are absolutely worth the asking price, then the Bowers & Wilkins PX is definitely worth checking out. These are one of the best looking headphones currently available and also provide a fantastic listening experience.

The sound quality is top notch and the earpads are incredibly comfortable and you wouldn’t notice any discomfort even when wearing the headphones for a long period of time. The cans also come with adaptive noise canceling.

Buy on Amazon ($393.97)

Sennheiser HD1

The Sennheiser HD1’s are one of the most stunning and best sounding pair of cans you could get your hands on currently. We all know Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones and earphones and the HD1’s hold true to that statement.

If you’re looking for the best audio quality, then look no further than the Sennheiser HD1. The headphones also have NFC support to quickly pair the headphones to your smartphone. The active noise canceling sees that you won’t be bothered by background noise while tuning into your favorite music or TV Shows.

Buy on Amazon ($399.84)

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i

If you’re looking for headphones that look and feel luxurious while also offering amazing audio capabilities, then look no further than the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i. The headphones are extremely premium and the sound output is top notch.

The ANC capability blocks human voices at low frequencies and is extremely good at canceling out other unwanted backgrounds noise. The headphones come with 18 hours of playtime as well and can be fully charged in 2 hours 50 minutes. More importantly, the headphones are listed for $500; however, they are currently available for $358.00.

Buy on Amazon ($358.00)

Bonus headphone

The nuraphone

If you’re willing to try out headphones that are totally different yet absolutely fantastic, then we’d suggest giving The nuraphone a go. The nuraphone offers amazing noise canceling and also learns and adapts to your listening preferences and automatically fine-tunes the audio over time.

You could also customize the sound signature based on your preference and the sound output would definitely leave you surprised. More importantly, if you love bass, then there are no other headphones that can mimic the bass output produced by The nuraphone.

Buy from nura ($319.20)


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