Best Nexus S Offer: Win it for Free from Google!

Win Free Google Nexus S Offer

Well, this is getting all fast and furious today. We had android 2.3, Gingerbread announced earlier along with the Google Nexus S, the phone that will be the first one to boast of the latest android OS version. And now, Google just updated its Twitter account — @GoogleNexus — to let you and us all win, guess what, none other than the best android phone as of now (and until dual-core phone take the show), the Google Nexus S!

All you have to do is solve/answer some little juicy puzzles that the Google Brains will be throwing up on @googlenexus twitter account beginning Dec 7, 9 a.m. PST.

So, excuse me now, I gotta prepare a little bit for the puzzle missiles coming shortly from the Google, using Official Nexus S page as a guide . Who doesn’t wanna win the best phone on earth?

Google Nexus S

BTW, sure let us know if any of you get lucky to win the latest Pure Google Experience phone. Oh, no details available right now about the eligibility (country-wise or else), number of free phones, etc etc. But don’t let that hurt your chances of winning the Nexus S!

How many of you think it’s the best offer for Christmas? Or 2010, for that matter?

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