Best New Android Games for the week of 5th October, 2014

Hello Gamers! It’s time for your weekly dose of the new and best Android games. You’ll be finding great new games to try, which you must check out! Hope you enjoy this. Also, stay tuned with us on Google+Twitter or Facebook for more next week and so forth.

Goat Simulator

goat simulator

Yes! Goat Simulator is now on Android. The great viral hit on Steam is now on Android. It puts you in the minds of a crazy little goats, who likes to blowup gas stations, make car accidents, and much more! Earn points for wrecking stuff and cause as much destruction as possible! The Android version doesn’t come with the awesome graphics you get on PC, but it promises the same goaty fun! Get it for $4.99 from Play store.

Official Goat Simulator (iOS / Android) Launch Trailer
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Counterspy game is a port from Playstation Vita. You play as an international agent who works for a nationless organization to look after the cold war. That is, your aim is to prevent either side from having a domination. This is a 2D platformer style game mixed with 3D environments and lots of agent 007 stuff. Get if for $4.99 from Play store.

Official CounterSpy™ (iOS / Android / PSN) Launch Trailer
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Spider-Man Unlimited

spiderman unlimited

This is the first ever free spider-man game! And it is from Gameloft. It might first seem like just another endless runner game from Gameloft, but this one is promising! In this game, you’ll be playing not just one spiderman, but a lot of them. You can recruit many spideys, each of them do have their own powers and costumes. You mission is to save the earth from an alien invasion, by preventing more of the alien goblins from coming to earth through the portal they have set up. Get this game now to enjoy unlimited endless runner fun (don’t worry, there is web tricks too) on Marvel’s classic comic style! Download it for free from Play store.

Spider-Man Unlimited - Game Trailer
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Dots and Boxes Multiplayer

Dots and Boxes Multiplayer

I remember this game as the one I played a lot in my good ol’ school days (the name was dots game at that time). The rules of the game is simple, there will be a matrix of dots in which you should swipe and connect the dots with a line. This is a turn based game, so each player has their own turn to connect the dots. The real fun comes when you have to make a square with those connected dots. The player with the most squares win! The game has three modes – single player, online multiplayer and phone multiplayer. Phone multiplayer lets you and your friend play on the same device (like we play Chain reaction). Download it for free from Play store!

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