Best New Android Games for the week of 31st August, 2014

Hello, Androgamefreaks! It’s time for your weekly dose of the new and best Android games. You’ll be finding great new games to try, which are worth checking out! Hope you enjoy this. Also, stay tuned with us on Google+Twitter or Facebook for more next week and so forth.

Let’s Fall

lets fall

Let’s Fall is really a cute game and is enjoyable for all ages. You just got to navigate the lovely kittens all the way down. You’ll have to avoid obstacles by swiping on the screen to match the path of our kitten. The cat falls freely, you can move the obstacles around to make them not touch the kitten. The more you go, the more score you earn. These cats make up a simple game, but it is really not so easy to pass. Play more to unlock more characters!

Discover Let’s Fall and try to save these lovely kittens!
Your mission, avoid obstacles and break all records.
Share your score with your friends and take the first place on the leader boards!
Take a journey through different beautiful locations and choose your favourite kitten. But you’ll need nerves of steel to unlock them all!

Warning! Let’s Fall is a high-speed and addictive game!

Let’s play!

Choose among multiple awesome characters that you will unlock along your way. Will you prefer the Cutie kitten or the Evil one, the Badass or the Rock & Roll kitten? And many more are waiting behind…

Unlock new locations, each one as beautiful as the others. Will you choose the calm of the forest, the infernal heat of the volcano, or perhaps the severe cold of the glacier?


It is available for free from Play store.

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SpellGrid Word Game


If you love the crossword puzzles, spellgrid is just for you! In spellgrid, you have to make maximum number of new words from the given word, sounds interesting? It is presented in a layout like a crossword. You have to drag the letters from the grid and drop it to make words. It can also be a very informative game, with spellgrid you can discover new words too.

Classic crossword building on an infinite board. Focus on the letters and words, not the board.

Forget about tiles and racks. Just drag letters from the grid and drop anywhere to form words.

Use SpellGrid as a learning tool. Instant validation allows you to discover new words simply through experimentation. You are guaranteed to learn new words and improve your scores after repeated play!

Completed crosswords are saved to the cloud. Compare and check out what others have created. You can also upload screenshots of your crosswords to your Instagram account – show off your vocabulary, share with friends and followers!

Enough content to last you for years. And with the Create mode, you will never run out of levels to play. Can you think of a word with no repeated letters? Brainstorm with friends and colleagues, spell away and start a new grid!
(You can create 7, 8 or 9 letter grids)

SpellGrid will provide a different range of words to play depending on the day of the week, ensuring that you get a different experience every day.

Download it for free from Play Store.

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Scaredy Squirrel: Boo!

scaredy squirrel boo

Scaredy squirrel Boo is a puzzle game like no other. You have to find a way for our chubby little squirrel to reach his destination. He wants to spy on Momma and Nestor and you are the one who is going to help him. Make out a master plan for him and make him safe from the enemies. All you have to do is draw a path for him!

Boo! is a single player puzzle game that allows players to map out a plan for Scaredy Squirrel to spy on Momma and Nestor and their plans for the Stash n’ Hoard. Nestor and Momma are up to no good, but no one is really sure just what their master plan is this time. Crawl, duck and sneak your way through 50 challenging levels by using a vast assortment of gadgets and friends to unlock achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed animations.

Drag a path for Scaredy to sneak by his enemies!

Collect all the bottles to advance!

Download it for free from Play store.

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Swing Copters

swing copters

If you thought Flappy bird was hard, think twice because Flappy’s original developer Nguyen Ha Dong is back with their all new game – Swing Copters. It is essentially an upward flappy bird, but is played a bit differently. It has the same tap-to-fly controls, but our copter guy flies differently. He flies on either direction on tap, and changes direction on each tap. Sounds easy? Yeah? Well, let me know your high score in comments below. I have managed to reach only 2 points till now. Watch the trailer.

Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks.

[HOW TO PLAY] • Tap to change direction.
• Get 4 medals to unlock more characters.

Enjoy the game.

Swing Copters Gameplay Trailer by Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen

Get Swing Copters for free from Play store. It is ad-supported.

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Triple Touch

triple touch

The game play is pretty simple and basic. You have to touch all the three circles at the same time to gain points. Repeat this as fast as you can till the timer runs out. Every 10 points earn you a 5 second time extension too. It is very simple, but hard to master. It will increase your speed and reflex abilities!

Touch the three circles at the same time to gain one point. Repeat until the time is up.
Every ten points you earn five extra seconds. Get as far as you can.

That’s all.

Can you beat the high score? The game uses Google Play leaderboards and achievements.
Train your speed and reaction abilities and learn to beat the game!

Unlock all difficulty modes by reaching a score of 250 points.

The game is free – though a small advertisement in the bottom is running all the time.

Get it for free from Play Store. It is ad-supported

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