Best Moto G6 screen protectors

Moto G6 screen protectors

There’s little doubt that the Moto G6 is a beautiful phone due to its predominantly glass body that’s supported by an aluminum frame. So, you may choose to flaunt it instead of hiding its beautiful looks inside a protective case. But that’s a decision fraught with high risk. Using a screen protector is the best way to protect your phone’s screen whether you use a case or not.

The best part about screen protectors is that they don’t come in the way of exhibiting your phone’s beauty. So, if you find the idea of closeting your phone in a protective case repulsive, you might want to consider a screen protector at least.

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While your Moto G6 phone does come with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it is prudent to secure the Gorilla Glass too, for all it takes is one fatal drop that may cost you up to half the cost of the phone to get the screen repaired. So, we’ve listed down the best screen protectors for Moto G6 in this article.

In the first section, we’ve listed the best ones available in the US and in the second we’ve listed the best ones you can buy in India.

Please note that the screen protectors mentioned below are only suitable for Moto G6 and not for Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus variants.

For the U.S. customers

SPARIN Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best Moto G6 screen protectors

This screen protector comes in a pack of four and is only 0.3mm thick, meaning it doesn’t affect touch-sensitivity of the screen at all. Made out of 9H rated tempered-glass, rest assured your Moto G6 phone screen will be ably protected from scratches and knocks. Perfect contour ensures the front camera lens isn’t covered. If you like the minimalist approach, this hassle-free tempered-glass screen protector is perfect for you.

Get the SPARIN anti-scratch tempered glass screen protector ($8.99)

BISEN Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Edge-To-Edge Protection

Best Moto G6 screen protectors 2

This tempered-glass screen protector boasts of 99.9% clarity with a 9H certified hardness that protects your Moto G6 phone’s screen from scratches and bumps. Unlike simple screen protectors, you get edge-to-edge protection, meaning that the entire front part of your phone is protected and not just the screen. Touch sensitivity is maintained because of the very slender 0.3mm glass thickness. Comes in a pack of two with a lifetime warranty.

Get the BISEN tempered glass screen protector ($8.49)

Poetic Guardian Full-Body Rugged Case with Built-in-Screen Protector

Best Moto G6 screen protectors 3

If you’re looking for 360-degree all-round protection for your Moto G6 phone, then look no further than this. This rugged case by Poetic is the ultimate phone savior from all kinds of shocks like drops, knocks, bumps, and scratches. It features a hard PC back that’s anti-scratch, soft TPU lining for shock absorption, and a built-in screen protector which doesn’t affect screen responsiveness. It’s the ultimate armor for your phone!

Get the Poetic Guardian full body rugged case ($16.95)

For Indian Customers

POPIO Tempered Glass

Best Moto G6 screen protectors 4

This tempered glass screen protector is adept at preventing your Moto G6 phone’s screen from shattering in case of an accidental drop. 9H hardness with super-slim design ensures screen-responsiveness isn’t affected while keeping the screen safe. An oleophobic coating ensures the screen doesn’t catch excessive fingerprints or oil stains, making it easy to clean. Comes in a pack of two.

Get the Popio tempered glass (INR 119)

REALIKE Full Coverage HD Tempered Glass

Best Moto G6 screen protectors 5

This tempered glass by Realike measures only 0.26mm in thickness and yet provides unmatched protection with its 9H certified hardness. Anti-fingerprint, scratch, and dust, this screen protector is a great companion to your Moto G6 phone as it safeguards the entire front part of your phone for an edge-to-edge protection from accidents.

Get the Realike full coverage HD tempered glass (INR 499)

This was the list of the best screen protectors available in the US and India. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to add any weight to your phone, consider getting one of the tempered glass screen protectors listed above to protect your phone’s screen. It may be a costly affair if you shatter the phone’s screen and hence buying these cheap accessories serve as great insurance for your Moto G6 phone.