Best cases for Honor Play: Rugged, slim, leather, wallet, clear, and more

Best Honor Play Cases

Huawei’s Honor Play has been very successful across markets worldwide because of the amazing specs and unique functionalities it offers at an attractive price point. It has also been making headlines in the tech space with the announcement of the Android 9 Pie update and the gesture-based update.

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However, that’s not to say your phone doesn’t need protection, because it does, just like any other phone. Here, in this article, we recommend to you the best cases for Honor Play available in the US market as well as India. Buying any of these will ensure adequate protection the powerhouse of a phone called Huawei Honor Play.

For the US Customers

Sleo Lightweight Clear Case

This clear case is made out of soft TPU. It boasts of 4-corner Air Pocket Anti-Shock system that prevents damage to your phone arising from accidental drops, bumps, scratches, and bruises. Raised edges protect the phone’s camera and screen when placed on a flat surface by preventing contact. Needless to say, this clear case doesn’t come in the way of exhibiting the beauty of Honor Play.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

Anccer Hard-back Slim Case

This slim case provides a luxurious look to your Honor Play phone with its Gravel skin shield design. The 0.3mm thicken hole protects the camera from coming into contact with the surface. Made out of advanced polycarbonate, the back case protects your phone from drops, bumps, and scratches.

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

Scheam Lightweight Soft Case

This slim case is made out of soft flexible TPU known for absorbing shocks emanating from accidental falls and bumps. Slim and lightweight, this form-fitting case ensures not much bulk is added to your Honor Play phone and that it seamlessly fits in your pant pockets. Raised edges ensure your phone’s camera and screen remain secure when kept on flat surfaces.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

BasicStock Rugged Case with Soft Back

This rugged case is made out of soft TPU which protects your Honor Play phone from the impacts of phone drops, accidental bumps, scratches, and fingerprint smudges. The non-obtrusive design means you get access to all your phone’s buttons and ports without ever having to take the protective case off.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

Angella-M Dual-layer Heavy Duty Rugged Case

This rugged case is surprisingly slim but doesn’t compromise on the security front. The dual-layer protective case guards your Honor Play phone against inadvertent drops, knocks, and scratches. The back is given a subtle metallic shine for a rich look. Precision cutouts mean all the phone’s ports and buttons are accessible without any hassle.

Buy on Amazon ($6.99)

Cocomii Iron Man Armor Case with Kickstand

This rugged case is especially dedicated to iron man fans who own Honor Play. The dual-layered construct features soft TPU on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside. Raised lips protect the camera lens and screen. This case provides certified military-grade protection that’s sure to save your phone from high impact shocks.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

kwmobile Textile and Leather Wallet Case with Card Slots

This protective case has especially been crafted for those who love the wallet look. Made out of textile fabric and faux leather, this case provides optimum protection to your Honor Play phone despite the classy look. Three card slots and a convertible kickstand further enhance this case’s usability.

Buy on Amazon ($9.90)

Shemax Flip Cover Wallet Case with Wrist Lanyard and Card Slots 

This flip cover wallet case is designed for the discerning classicists who prefer the vintage over contemporary. That’s not to say this case is incapable of protecting your phone because it actually does it quite well! Anti-impact TPU inner holds your Honor Play phone in place. Three card slots and a sleeve helps you store credit/visiting cards as well as some cash. A wrist lanyard is also included for easy carrying.

Buy on Amazon ($10.99)

HMTECHUS Shiny Leather Case

This flip case gives off an electroplate mirror effect because of its shiny design. Made out of PU leather, it protects your phone from all sides to make sure accidental drops, bumps, and scratches don’t harm your phone. Unlike an armor case, this one is surprisingly slim, meaning that your Honor Play phone wouldn’t get too bulky if you choose to buy this.

Buy on Amazon ($10.98)

MUCHI Laser Plating Soft Silicone Clear Case (Very Cheap)

This clear case made out of Soft silicone shouldn’t undergo discoloration despite regular use. Honor Play case looks pretty good, adds nice touches to the fingerprint and camera ring, and maintains a shiny look. Though, it’s available on Aliexpress, meaning it would ship from China and will be delivered at your doorstep only after a gap of 3 to 6 weeks if you’re living in the US. It may be worth the wait as it costs less than half of what cases available locally do.

Buy on Aliexpress ($2.99)

Generic Aurora Gradient colored Tempered Glass Shockproof Case

If you ever wanted to paint your Honor Play in a Huawei P20-like back, this gradient case is all you need. This one also ships directly from China, but it also comes with a host of security features. The shockproof soft frame protects your Honor Play from knocks and drops. The tempered glass back is anti-scratch and coated with anti-fingerprint oil that doesn’t let annoying smudges to ruin your phone’s look. Approximate delivery time is between 3 to 6 weeks in the US but the cheap price makes it worth the wait.

Buy on Aliexpress ($4.05)

For Indian Customers

Solimo Lightweight Clear Case

This clear case is designed for the minimalists who don’t want to conceal their phone’s beauty with an overpowering phone case. Made out of soft flexible TPU, this case is as lightweight and transparent as a case could be. Raised lip protects the Honor Play phone’s screen and camera lens. Also, the case doesn’t turn yellow despite years of continuous use.

Buy on Amazon (INR 159)

Realike Hybrid Case with 360-degree protection

This slim case boasts of 360-degree protection despite the very lean build. Made from a hybrid 3-in-1 construction, this case looks stunning and enhances your phone’s aesthetics while protecting it from day to day wear and tear emanating from bumps, scratches, and the occasional drops. Made especially for Honor Play.

Buy on Amazon (INR 599)

Happon Case with Textured Anti-Scratch Back

This slim case has a textured back that provides a firm grip to prevent accidental drops. Made out of anti-scratch material, it protects your Honor Play phone from all angles. Raised edges help protect the phone’s camera and screen from inadvertent scratching whereas precise cutouts ensure hassle-free access to the phone’s ports and buttons.

Buy on Amazon (INR 599)

SPAZY Protective Shell Hard Back Case

This case is part of the armor series which specialize in anti-shock corners. The case boasts of a smooth, silk brushed texture with glossy accents in a carbon fiber design. Made out of polycarbonate, this hard-back case is washable, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, and tear resistant too. It fits snugly on your Honor Play phone.

Buy on Amazon (INR 599)

SPAZY Silk Texture Washable Back Case

This case features a carbon fiber design with silk brushed texture and glossy accents. Made out of soft flexible TPU, the case protects you Honor Play phone against drops, bumps, and scratches because of its anti-shock corners. Reinforced edges safeguard the screen and camera from scratches. Since the case is washable, it can be cleaned every once in a while.

Buy on Amazon (INR 495)

Toptup Rugged Armor Protection Shockproof Back Case

This rugged case with anti-shock corners and air cushion technology protects your phone from daily shocks. Made out of soft TPU, this case is lightweight and doesn’t add too much extra bulk to your Honor Play phone, unlike full armor cases. Raised lips protect the phone’s camera and screen from acquiring scratches when placed on a flat surface.

Buy on Amazon (INR 299)

Newlike PU Leather Wallet Flip Case with Convertible Kickstand

This case is made out of PU leather which gives off a suave look. The transparent half on the front allows you check notifications without having to open the front flap. This heavy-duty case protects your Honor Play phone from all angles by absorbing impact from accidental drops and inadvertent bumps. The convertible kickstand allows you to view multimedia totally hands-free.

Buy on Amazon (INR 299)

Keetron PU Leather Wallet Shockproof Case with Card Slots

This wallet case has a soft TPU inner that protects your phone inside due to its shockproof quality. The anti-slip texture reduces the chances of accidental drops while the convertible kickstand allows for a hands-free multimedia viewing experience. Also included is a card slot in a magnetic closure system that perfectly fits your Honor Play.

Buy on Amazon (INR 599)

Indian users can also order the two cases in the US section above that ship from AliExpress. They are two pretty good cases.

  • MUCHI Laser Plating Soft Silicone Clear Case
  • Generic Aurora Gradient colored Tempered Glass Shockproof Case

This was a list of the best Honor Play cases available in the US and India. Buy from any of these cases and rest assured your phone will be protected adequately. Let us know about your experience in the comments below if you choose to buy one.