Best Honor 9N cases

November fix for Honor 9N

Huawei Honor 9N phone saw great success in India after it was launched in July earlier this year. This budget phone features a 5.84-inch screen with a 19:9 aspect ratio, a dual camera setup at the rear which includes a depth sensor for portrait mode, and a good 16MP selfie camera.

Powered by Kirin 659 processor, this phone is great value for money directed at the price-sensitive customers who cannot compromise on quality and functionality either. So, you’ve got yourself a great phone, but have you protected it yet? At times it’s easy to pick a phone but choosing the perfect case for your phone becomes an arduous task.

Don’t fret, because we’ve got you covered on this department too! There are a lot of different types of cases available in the market and their functionality varies too. Sure, all cases serve the primary purpose of protecting your phone, but there’s so much more to them than just that!

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There are clear cases, slim cases, rugged cases, leather cases, and many more kinds. Some enhance your phone’s looks, some offer military-grade protection, while some come in handy as a wallet too. So, which one suits your requirements best? Check out our collection of the best Honor 9N cases available in the market to find out!

Solimo soft clear case

Honor 9N Clear Case

This clear case by Solimo is perfect for those looking for a transparent case that doesn’t hide your Honor 9N phone’s beauty while protecting it at the same time. Made up of soft TPU material, it doesn’t tear or turn yellow despite extended use. Precise cutouts ensure you get access to the phone’s ports and buttons without having to remove the case.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 179)

Flipkart Clear Case (very cheap)

Honor 9N Clear case

This clear case by Flipkart is great value for money if you’re in search of a soft case that’s transparent too. It fits your Honor 9N phone snugly and protects it from daily wear and tear. The cutouts on the case give you access to the phone’s buttons and ports, meaning you need not dismount it for everyday use.

Get it on Flipkart (INR 119)

Bounceback Electroplated Clear Case

Honor 9N electroplated case

This clear case is slightly different from the two above mentioned transparent cases because it is electroplated with a bluish hue which gives your Honor 9N phone a pleasing appearance. It not only looks good but also provides adequate protection to your phone from daily wear and tear.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 349)

Annure Slim Soft Case

Honor 9 Slim case

This slim case is perfect for your Honor 9N phone if you don’t want to add any bulk to it. The case maintains the sleek profile of your phone so that carrying it in your hands or putting it inside your pant pockets doesn’t become a hassle. Easy to install and remove, this case is flexible and washable too.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 299)

DS Hard Back Case

Honor 9N back case

This hard-back case comes with a smooth finish for those who like a suave look on their Honor 9N phones. Raised lips protect your phone’s screen and cameras whereas the hard-back material provides dust and scratch resistance apart from daily wear, tear, and slip protection.

Get it on Flipkart (INR 222)

RidivishN Soft Rugged case with Carbon Fiber design

Honor 9N carbon fibre design case

This rugged case is a perfect all-rounder because it offers 360-degree protection to your Honor 9N phone from shocks arising out of inadvertent drops, bumps, and scratches. Made out of soft TPU, the carbon fiber design adds to the phone’s amazing looks, giving it a premium feel. Precision cutouts enhance ease of use.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 249)

Koko Soft Case with Leather Texture

Honor 9N leather texture case

This soft case made out of TPU gives your Honor 9N phone vintage leather look. The anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint design assure your case is designed to last prolonged and sustained use. The phone is ably protected from shocks while the textured pattern at the back enhances grip, thereby preventing slipping.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 198)

Kapaver Rugged Case

Honor 9N rugged case

This rugged case is endowed with anti-shock cushion technology that protects your Honor 9N phone from accidental drops and knocks. The volume and power buttons are covered for dust protection but can nevertheless be seamlessly accessed. The carbon fiber texture along with the matte finish ensure you have a perfect grip on your phone at all times.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 399)

Bracevor Armor Case with Integrated Kickstand

Honor 9N armor case

This armor case is perfect for those who lead a very active lifestyle and require the highest grade protection available for their phone. Buying this case ensures your Honor 9N phone 360-degree protection from drops, knocks, and scratches. The integrated kickstand allows you to watch media with a handsfree experience.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 269)

Faux Leather Case with Convertible Stand and Card Slots

Honor 9N leather case

Although this case is made out of faux leather, it doesn’t shy away from providing the classic leather look while protecting your phone just like genuine leather would. Three card slots enable you to carry your ID as well as credit cards while the convertible kickstand allows you to get entertained on the go. Especially handcrafted for discerning connoisseurs.

Get it on Amazon India (INR 299)

If you’re not in a hurry to get your phone case delivered, then you may take a look at two cases listed below available from Aliexpress which take anywhere between a month or two to reach your doorstep. The good thing about these cases is that they’re not available in leading Indian e-commerce sites, so you can flaunt them for being unique!

Hard Case with Reinforced Bumpers

Honor 9N aliexpress case

This hard case looks really good because of its differently colored stylish bumper and a smooth finish at the back. But it’s not all about appearance as it also provides superior protection to your Honor 9N phone from accidental impact. The raised edges protect the screen as well as rear cameras from getting scratched.

Make sure you choose the right model number before purchasing from Aliexpress since returning and getting it exchanged in case of wrong product delivery may become a hassle.

Get it on AliExpress (INR ~220)

Flip Case with Convertible Stand and Card Slot

Honor 9N flip case

This flip case made out of faux leather gives your Honor 9N phone the protection it deserves while looking great too. The textured finish enhances grip and the card slot comes handy to carry either an ID card or credit card on the go. The convertible kickstand allows you to watch videos without you having to hold your phone.

Again, before placing the order make sure you’ve chosen the correct model number since returns and refunds can become a hassle when buying from Aliexpress.

Get it on AliExpress (INR ~370)

This concludes our list of the best Honor 9N cases. Buying any of these will ensure that your Honor 9N phone is adequately protected. Simply choose one based on your preference and you should be good to go. Let us know in the comments below if you liked/disliked any of the cases mentioned above. We look forward to your reviews!

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