Best Diary and Journal Apps for Android

best diary and journal apps

As urban lives become faster and more stressful than ever before, many people have started gravitating towards simple daily practices that help slow the mind down and live in the moment. Meditation, journal writing, chanting affirmations, and even something as simple as praying, have shown their power on human psyches.

Technology has also hopped on the train and begun to offer apps that help people practice some of these techniques. Journal writing, being so easy to bring to the people in a digital platform, has been implemented by various companies.


Although all Journal and Diary apps make the basic writing space available to its users, a few apps outshine others. The most popular and effective Diary and Journal apps are:


Daylio: Diary and Mood Tracker

Daylio has a delicate, feminine feel to its interface. Its mojo is its mood tracking feature that compiles and produces a graph for the user to analyze the course of the past month- how your moods progressed over time, what you longest good-day streak was etc.

The app also reminds you to log every day and lets you create more symbols of your moods.

Download: Daylio

Diary- Journal with Password

Diary is another female-oriented private diary that resolves to provide an intimate, beautiful and safe haven for its users to let out their dreams, desires, likes, and dislikes, with no fear of facing judgment for them.

Diary provides optimum functionality with features such as image inclusion, quick and easy overview of entries, uniquely beautiful emojis, search functionality, export to PDF functionality.

Download: Diary- Journal with Password

Luna Diary

Luna Diary has a deeply calligraphic interface (based on the different phases of the moon) that draws the user in as he begins recalling his day and pouring his heart out into his diary. As the journal fills up over time, the app evolves the look of the theme, adding flowers, stars, and a fuller moon to reflect the user’s consistency.

A simple journal app with all the necessary features, Luna Diary is perfect for the people that look for beauty in little things.

Download: Luna Diary

Five-minute Journal

Five Minute Journal Android App

The Five Minute Journal app’s motto is embedded in its name- 5 minutes is all a person needs to keep improving his mental health in life. The app encourages the user every day to spend a mere 5 minutes jotting down how he feels, what he’s grateful for in life and what brings a smile to his face.

In addition to that, the app quotes inspiring people’s words to uplift and inspire the user.

Download: Five-minute Journal

Diary with Lock

My Diary - A personal journal with password lock

Diary with Lock is, hands down, the most popular journal app amongst girls, buoyed in part by the app’s bright pink theme and feminine calligraphy. It has over 875,000 ratings on Google Play store, and that’s say ing something. It has an endless number of features too, that together help the app deliver a refined, errorless performance.

Some of its features are Password & pin code protection, an automatic reminder to write, an option to search entries, sync notes between devices, private and secure cloud storage. 

Download: Diary with Lock


Journey Android App

Journey is a great app for users preferring to maintain their journals across a myriad of gadgets. Its effortless syncing ability comes from using Google Drive as the syncing and backing-up platform. The interface is very easy to navigate around and journal entries can be exported to doc or PDF format.

Basic functionalities such as mood tracking, photo, and video insertion etc are all present. You can even import your diary entries from other popular Diary apps (including those featured here) into Journey app, which is icing on the cake if data loss is what kept you back from switching to a new app.

Download: Journey


Luci is a lucid dream journal. In a lucid dream a user is aware of the fact that he is dreaming, hence is able to remember and record his dream once he wakes up.

In addition to that the app also has a recording system intelligently receptive to noise, so one activated it records any sounds the user makes in his sleep without recording the hours of silence that follow and precede that noise. As such the app also has all the features of a regular journal app.

Download: Luci


Diaro is a journal and personal management calendar rolled into one. In this way, the app serves to be the user’s mental crutch in a much more wholesome fashion.

Diary entries can be supplemented with photos, tags, moods and even weather information. Additional security can be provided to an entry via a secure pin. Various customization options are available.

Download: Diar



DayGram is a mesmerizingly elegant diary application that leaves within its users an indelible impression of e-ink, long after they’ve finished writing in it for the day.

It has a simple and intuitive interface that subliminally bring all focus to the user’s writing. This app is minimalistic to its core, apt for writers with a similar disposition in life.

Download: DayGram

My Dark Diary

In stark contrast to the theme of Diary with Lock stands My Dark Diary, that leans towards the grim mystery of dark colors to adorn its background. It makes space for storing not just journal entries but also to-do lists.

In this way, My Dark Diary is a notepad, tasks organizer and diary packed into one useful app.

Download: My Dark Diary

Daily Life: My Diary, Journal

Daily life can be your personal memoir where you can write an account for your days and preserve the souvenirs of special days in the form of pictures. Adding to the fascination, you can use it as a journal cum scrapbook by writing on your pictures or use the pen drawing feature alone.

And it doesn’t end there. The hashtag feature makes it a ted more interesting to find any element or event with a single tap. Get this app if you are a fan of cursive fonts and soothing color options. With daily life, you will never miss to record an important event with diary alarms and maintain your privacy with password or fingerprint protection.

Download: Daily Life

Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note

As the name suggests, daybook is a three in one app that can be your personal diary, journal and note-taking tool all at the same time. It is super easy to use and keeps your memories intact in the form of a password-protected diary with easy navigation through the diary calendar.

Make your diary accessible to you across multiple devices with automatic cloud backup while also preventing loss of data. If you are too much exhausted to write your diary then you better talk to it and record your experiences with the audio note feature or convert your audios into text with its transcribing feature.

Download: Daybook

It’s wonderful how such an age-old and simple a practice can work so many wonders on the mind and soul.

Tell us about your Diary writing habits. Do you enjoy it? Does it make you feel lighter and happier?