Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Galaxy A9 mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has the distinction of being the first smartphone in the world with a quad-camera setup on the rear panel. It sports a combination of 24MP (standard) + 10MP (telephoto) + 8MP (ultrawide) + 5MP (depth) lenses. This setup makes for a delectable photography experience, in theory at least.

The selfie camera is no pushover either, measuring 24MP itself. So, if you own this phone we need not explain how important it is to protect the quad cameras at the back along with the big AMOLED screen on the front. After all, the photos you click on your phone will only be as good as the phone’s health!

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Since the Galaxy A9 2018 phone is selling in India, here, in this article, we list out the best cases available in India for the phone after doing thorough research. The cases listed here are of many kinds – clear, slim, rugged, leather, and more. Simply choose one that suits your style and rest assured the case will do its job of protecting your phone diligently.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Bracevor Clear Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 clear case

This clear case is the perfect companion to your Galaxy A9 smartphone for it doesn’t hide your phone’s beautiful looks and provides it adequate protection at the same time. Made out of soft TPU, this case is shockproof, meaning that your phone will be strongly protected from inadvertent knocks, drops, and scratches. It’s currently available at a steal of a price too!

Buy on Amazon India (INR 99)

Newlike Clear Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 clear case

This is another clear case made out of soft TPU that goes amazingly well with your Galaxy A9 phone. Shockproof and scratchproof, this case comes embellished with raised edges that not only adds another layer of shock absorption but also prevents your phone’s screen and camera from coming into contact with the surface when placed down to prevent damage.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 249)

Lofad Hard Slim Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 slim case

This slim case is perfect for those who don’t want to add any extra bulk to their Galaxy A9 phone yet protect it from the dangers of accidental drops and bumps. Made out of hard plastic, this case is extremely lightweight and the sleek design allows your phone to glide down your pant pockets with incredible ease.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 199)

Thegiftkart Hybrid Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 hybrid case

If you’re on the lookout for a case that not only provides your Galaxy A9 phone the ultimate protection but also significantly enhance its looks, then this hybrid case is the one for you. Made out of toughened glass and TPU, this case provides all-around protection while looking spectacular at the same time.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 499)

Realike Hard Case with Carbon Fiber Design

Samsung Galaxy A9 hard case

This is a hard case made out of polycarbonate that’s embellished with a carbon fiber design for the incredibly good looks and enhanced grip. It provides your Galaxy A9 phone necessary protection against accidental drops and knocks while looking stunning at the same time. Perfect cutouts ensure access to the phone’s buttons and ports all the times.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 299)

Fablue Soft Rugged Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 rugged case

This is a soft rugged case that provides your Galaxy A9 phone 360-degree shock protection from drops, knocks, and scratches. The carbon-leather texture makes it anti-fingerprint as well as scratch-resistant. This case is washable too in case you spill something on it. The glossy accents enhance your phone’s looks.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 499)

Fablue Rugged Case with Carbon Fiber Design

Samsung Galaxy A9 rugged case

Another rugged case by Fablue, this one comes with carbon fiber texture and additional protection in the form of raised bumps for the phone’s quad camera at the back. Made out of soft TPU, this shockproof case protects your Galaxy A9 phone from all sides to keep it secure from inadvertent falls, bumps, and scratches.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 499)

Shinestar TPU Case with Multipurpose Ring

Samsung Galaxy A9 soft case

This soft case made out of TPU provides adequate protection to your Galaxy A9 phone in its flexible design that absorbs shock arising out of knocks and drops. The 360-degree rotatable ring holder at the back prevents accidental falling and doubles up as a kickstand when you want to get entertained. What’s more? It is also compatible with a magnetic car mount.

Buy on Flipkart (INR 399)

Z-Focus Rugged Case

Samsung Galaxy A9 rugged case

This rugged case is made out of three individual parts fused together to provide your Galaxy A9 phone optimal 360-degree protection. Form-fitting perfect cutouts ensure you get access to the phone’s ports and buttons without taking the case off. Surprisingly slim and lightweight, this case does not add much bulk to your phone.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 299)

D-Kandy PU Leather Case with Convertible Kickstand

Samsung Galaxy A9 leather case

This case made out of PU leather is not only stylish but protective too. Along with keeping your phone safe, this case can also accommodate your ID card/credit card/business card in its card slot. Also, the convertible kickstand enables you to watch videos in landscape mode without stressing your arms.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 498)

D-Kandy Leather Case with Card Slots and Kickstand

Samsung Galaxy A9 leather case

This protective case is perfect for those who love the vintage leather look. Made out of faux leather this case protects your Galaxy A9 just like real leather would. The case comes with three card slots and a sleeve which gives you the freedom to store credit cards, ID card, cash and more. Also, the case can also be converted into a kickstand for seamless entertainment whenever required.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 398)

This was the list of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy A9 available in India. We’ve done our best to sort and compile the best out of the myriad kinds of cases available in the marketplace. Buying any of these will ensure your phone is optimally protected. As you may have noticed, some of these cases do much more than protecting your phone.

Hence, the choice is up to you now which one suits your need and style best. Let us know in the comments below which one you’re going for and what your experience with the case is like. Also, let us know if you found any more cases that are worthy of being put on the list!