Best battery cases for the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has fantastic battery life, standing at a whopping 4000mAh. But then, life happens. You might forget to charge it, go on an unplanned trip or unexpectedly get stuck without electricity. While a portable power backup would seem like a great idea, do you want to go around with wires sticking out of your stylish Note 9 like life support equipment?

Though a battery case will beef up the thickness of your phone, that is infinitely better than having a dead Note 9 in your pocket. To avoid that end, here are 8 battery charging cases for Galaxy Note 9.


ZeroLemon Slim Power 

ZeroLemon Slim Power is, by far, the best battery case for a Galaxy Note 9. With a 5000mAh battery, it offers more than 90% back up to your phone. It is priced at $30, which is easy to shell out over the $1,000 you’ve already spent and is a great option if you want to amp your Note 9 with a reputed brand. It comes with a one-year warranty (with lifetime customer support) and charges just like Galaxy Note 9, i.e. wirelessly and over USB-C port. It also comes in a 10,000 mAh variant which is priced at $60, so you can easily bid the thought of your phone dying a solid goodbye.

The most notable feature, however, is the chinless design that doesn’t add any unnecessary length to the phone. There are 4 LED lights on the back which will let you know the battery levels and charging status. Though it is slimmer than other cases, it still ends up making your phone look like a rock in your pocket.

Another con, as is with most battery cases, it doesn’t support NFC or Sync File Transfer. You will have to take out the case to do that.

Buy on Amazon ($39.99)

Moonmini Battery Case

MoonMini may not be as well known as ZeroLemon, but not only the price its features, too, are almost the same. While the cover provides end-to-end protection to your Note 9, the battery offers extra juice to the phone’s whopping 4000mAh battery. It also comes in a bunch of colors – namely, blue, black, and golden.

One difference from ZeroLemon is that while the latter offers a 1-year warranty with lifetime support, Moonmini offers only a 3-month warranty.

Buy on Amazon ($29.99)

Elebase Portable 

With raving reviews on Amazon, Elebase made to this list solely because of its value for money. At $28 it offers features comparable to those of ZeroLemon and Moonmini. While the exterior of the case is made of hard plastic, the inside is covered with microfiber lining to protect the rear of the phone from cosmetic damage.

While the case is, by no means, slim, it isn’t as bad as carrying a power bank with a mile-long cable. It supports pass-through charging and prioritizes your phone before charging itself.

Buy on Amazon ($26.99)

i-BLADES Smartcase

Why would you shell out a whopping $99 for a battery case when others are offering more at one-third the price?

i-Blades Smartcase is the thinnest of the bunch. For those of you who don’t want to barter style with utility, here is your savior. Made of a thin polycarbonate case, it houses magnets which help in attaching and removing the separate 1800mAh battery pack. Plus, the case packs extra storage for your Galaxy Note 9 along with a microSD.

As the case is extremely thin and the battery-pack removable, you don’t have to worry that your pants will look like lumpy saddlebags.

While I appreciate the extra storage and flattering look, I think that the battery could have been jacked up. 1800mAh is a bit too less for a power-packed phone like Note 9. Also, this case isn’t available at Amazon, so you’ll have to buy it from the manufacturer’s site.

Buy from i-Blades ($99)

RUNSY Rechargeable Extended Battery Charging Case

Another hi-flier, Runsy is known for its various Samsung Galaxy Accessories. To be honest, it doesn’t have many features over those already mentioned before. It has a 5000mAh battery case with a kickstand and S-Pen hole.

Other than serving a two-in-one feature of both protecting your phone from external damage as well as charging it up at the time of need, the specs are pretty conventional. However, it does have the privilege of being Amazon’s Choice for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery cases.

Buy on Amazon (49.99)

ALCLAP Rechargeable Portable Charger Case

Another Amazon’s Choice for Note 9 charging case, this is a great addition to your travel backpack if you like going to remote places with stable electricity connections far and few between. In $30, you get not only extra 5000mAh juice, but also get 60 days full refund guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

The case has a soft TPU frame and houses rubberized support pads to reduce the strain on the edges of the phone.

I think, at this price, this ALCLAP Note 9 charging case is a real steal.

Buy on Amazon (29.99)

Vproof Portable Charger Case

Another case holding the coveted title of Amazon’s Choice; and no, this list isn’t an Amazon’s Choice list. But, then, what can we say? If good features with excellent customer service and satisfied customers are found at an affordable price, then we give no qualms about adding more of the featured choices.

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand, Vproof battery case comes with 5000mAh battery power and 12 months hassle-free warranty at 30 dollars. The frame is hard plastic with a matte finish which hosts the dual charging compatible battery. By dual charging compatibility, we mean that both the phone and the case can be charged simultaneously.

While that may be cool, what I didn’t like was the weight it gave the Note 9. Light as it may be, Note 9 weighs at a measly 7.1 ounces but this charging case adds beefs it up by 4.9 ounces, which is nearly 70% of the initial body weight. It makes the phone considerably heavy. But, if you don’t mind the added weight over the features the case offers, feel free to give a go through the link below.

Buy on Amazon (21.99)

Basesailor External Backup Charging Pack

The last on the list and no different from the others, Basesailor charging case contains a Li-ion Polymer battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. While it weighs at 5.3 oz, it takes only 2-4 hours to charge completely. This, when compared to some others in this list, is a remarkable feat. It comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty as well.

Oh, and by the way, this one, too, is an Amazon’s Choice titleholder and you can grab in black or blue, although the latter costs a few more dollars.

Buy it here at Amazon (26.99)

If you are a gadget-nerd or someone who surfs the internet a lot, even the massive 4000mAh battery unit inside the Galaxy Note 9 will fall short of meeting your needs. It will, then, become a necessity to carry a power bank around like a life support machine.

Instead, it is better to invest in a good battery charging case. Why let it die when you can charge it up?

Plus, even at your best, beating over 8000mAh might be a challenge.