Best Alarm Android Apps that are really effective!

best alarm android apps

We all have one thing in common, we all sleep, and if you are reading this article you surely have a problem of waking up on time. Since you are not satisfied with your default Clock app which came built-in with your phone, there has to be a better alternative.

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In our daily lives the most crucial thing is to wake up on time, or else you would miss a multi-million-dollar meeting, or end up getting your kid expelled from school for sending them late to school 10th time in a row.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

We have carefully chosen some of the top alarm clock apps for you, so you don’t have to worry about waking up on time ever again.

Loud Alarm Clock

This free app adheres to one neat ideology: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It doesn’t have anything fancy to woo you, which also means it won’t stress your smartphone’s precious battery. It has an easy-going and customizable UI but doesn’t have wakeup challenges that some of its contemporaries do.

However, what it does have is a very, very powerful alarm tone. It boosts your audio files to make them as loud as possible — without damaging hardware, of course — guaranteeing you spring out of bed in an instant.

Download: Loud Alarm Clock from Google Play

Challenges Alarm Clock

This app, as the name suggests, pushes tardiness out of your brain and body, by forcing you to solve pretty challenging puzzles the minute you open your eyes. Like all other decent alarm applications, Challenges Alarm Clock, too, lets you set multiple alarms, all with their own tones, challenges, and snooze instructions.

Apart from the usual math or sequence puzzles, there are a couple of interesting photo challenges. The first one asks you to take a photo of a specific object. After you’re done, the app uses machine learning to verify. In another, you’ll have to break out your brightest smile and take a selfie. Fail, and your alarm will never stop ringing.

Download: Challenges Alarm Clock from Google Play


Alarmy promotion video

Alarmy proudly describes themselves as the most annoying app. It’s a mission impossible to not wake up to this Alarm App. If you are a deep sleeper, who can sleep through millions of alarms. by just switching them off, you won’t be able to do that with this one, you will be required to some missions to switch the alarm off.

Solve math problems, or shake your phone, and even take a photo of place or thing you chose in the settings, for example, you need to take a photo of your bathroom wash basin to turn your alarm off, this way you will definitely get out of your bed, or place a basin next to you so you don’t have to get out of your bed to take the picture!

Download: Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) | Pro version ($2.49) from Google Play


Global Game Alarm, AlarmMon

Want to start your day in the cutest and the most effective way possible? Make sure to give AlarmMon a try. One of the leading apps in the segment, AlarmMon, proudly caters to over 25 million users worldwide and has deservedly won the Editors’ recommendation on the Google Play Store.

From fetching news alerts to acting as a handy timer application when you need it, this super loud, cartoon-themed app is truly one of a kind. To top it off, it offers a bunch of mildly-challenging games to make sure you’re in your senses before turning that alarm off.

Download: AlarmMon from Google Play

I Can’t Wake Up!

I Cant Wake Up Alarm Clock - App Review - No More Sleeping Through Your Alarm

This alarm clock app is packed with features and is extremely customizable! the only downside I feel is it feels too advanced, and the look and feel of the app are not very attractive, it feels like you are developing an alarm in advanced mode!

This app has 8 tasks to choose from if you are a sleeper who can’t wake up, the tasks are such as solving a math problem, or matching same colored tiles, or arranging them in the correct order as well as connecting two same words, and many more.

Download: I Can’t Wake Up! from Google Play

Early Bird Alarm Clock

Simple yet powerful! this alarm clock has all the basic features of an alarm clock, in addition to some very smart features such as new alarm tones every day because its common to get familiar with one alarm tone and sleep past it day after day.

It also shows you the current weather and today’s events so you don’t forget anything, and while the alarm fires the app says the current time out loud. so you don’t have to guess which alarm is firing off!

Download: Early Bird Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a very unique alarm clock app from its competitors, it doesn’t offer those mediocre features which almost all alarm clocks offer. This app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the optimal waking time, as we know that we have different sleep phases, deep and light and if you wake up from deep sleep you usually feel tired and cranky.

But this app helps you to wake up feeling fresh and energized by waking you up at the best time, how? For example, you have set your alarm for 8:00 AM the app will monitor your sleep throughout your sleep and when it will find the best time to wake you up as close to your set alarm time.

This is especially useful so you don’t wake up cranky and feeling tired, so the app might wake you up anytime between 7:30 to 8:00 AM depending on what the best time for you to wake up!

Download: Sleep Cycle alarm clock from Google Play

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

This app has all the basic features which most alarm clock apps have, like solving a math problem to switch your alarm off, etc. in addition to some very handy features such as post alarm confirmation to make sure if you are actually awake, or you just turned off your alarm and went back to sleep.

It also has the option to wake you up from a lighter sleep, so basically, it will notify with a softer tone to wake you up from a deep sleep but not completely wake you up and then another alarm sets off so it does it in two stages in order for you to wake up feeling more fresh and energized.

This app also helps to make your sleeping routine more efficient and healthier by analyzing your sleeping patterns and notifying you when its bedtime, so you wake up feeling fresh and less tired. Another cool feature is that you can set the place you want your alarms to notify you. so in case, you are traveling the daily alarm won’t bother you unnecessarily.

Download: Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers from Google Play


Timely Alarm Clock

Timely is on those apps that you will either Love or Hate, it’s very different from the usual alarm apps in terms of look and feel, and it works well on tablets as well as it works on smartphones.

Apart from having all the core features, it has some additional features like wake up challenges, cloud synchronization across devices, and integration with Google Assistant.

Download: Timely Alarm Clock

Google Assistant (Bonus)

Meet your Google Assistant, your own personal Google

Google Assistant is the leading digital assistant in the world, boasting features that go a long way in automating mundane tasks. From reading your unread messages to shouting out the weather forecast, there’s a lot you can instruct it to do. And as you might’ve already guessed, you can also ask it to set an alarm for you using the famous “Hey/Okay Google” hot-phrase. Simply invoke the assistant by saying the hot-phrase, mention the time, and let the Assistant take care of the rest.

Example: “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:30AM”

Please note that Google Assistant uses your default alarm app to carry out the task. 3rd-party applications aren’t supported.

Download: Google Assistant from Google Play

Which is your favorite Android alarm clock app that is just perfect to help you get that early start in the morning?

Mention your selection down below in the comments section.

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