Asus ZenFone 4V may release in Europe on September 21st

Asus ZenFone 4V

Asus is apparently sending invites to press for an event scheduled in Rome, Europe on September 21.  

Although the invite doesn’t specially mention which Asus phone is going to be launched at the event, it isn’t very difficult to deduce that the company is hinting at the ZenFone 4V here from the invite.

Also, the words “wide” and “frame” combined with the “focus icon” hint that the ZenFone 4V will be a camera-centric smartphone.

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Furthermore, on zooming in onto to the two smartphones placed inside the “focus icon,” you’ll see the phone on the left with a dual camera setup which pretty much confirms that the ZenFone 4V is a smartphone aimed at photography enthusiasts.

But, what about the phone on the right? Is it the front side of the ZenFone 4V? If so, does that mean the ZenFone 4V will feature a near bezel-less display judging from the image?

Well, these are the question only time can answer. Until then, keep a tab on this space for more updates.

Source: Twitter

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