Asus teases ZenFone 6 Android 10 update a little

Asus isn’t always the most reliable when it comes to major software updates, but the company is set to do right by the Zenfone 6.

As per Asus Zenblog’s Twitter handle, the company has already started working on Android 10 and will roll out the update to the Zenfone 6 soon after Google unveils its latest mobile OS.

While the news is reassuring, we already knew Asus was working on bringing Android 10 to Zenfone 6. On July 24th, the company launched an Android 10 beta program for Zenfone 6 users. A number of enthusiasts applied and the program was finally closed on August 30th.

As part of the program, beta testers have been getting Android Q OTA updates, reporting known bugs and helping Asus perfect the release. The latest Twitter announcement neither reveals a release date nor tells us anything about upcoming features. It’s only a reminder that the company is working on the update for Zenfone 6 and is eager to release it.

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