arcMedia Android App: Now play all your favorite audio / video formats

arcMedia Video Player

If you love watching videos, you would surely be hunting down for a video player that got the ability to play your favorite format(s). And to an extent, this applies to audio formats too. Well, halt your hunt to arcMedia player that got enough firepower to support most (if not, all) of the video and audio formats you would use or even have a chance to use. Go for it!


  • Supported Video Formats: asf, avi, mkv, mov, mp4, rmvb, wmv
  • Supported Audio formats: mp3, ogg, wav, wma
  • Codes Supported: aac, ac3, divx, flv4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, PCM, RealVideo, Vorbis, xvid
  • Based on the FFmpeg project (that’s where libraries used in the app come from, actually!)
  • It’s a beta version, new features are being added (as claimed by the developer)

So, you finally got a player for your favorite video format, isn’t it. Well, we can spot a smile on your face from here!

Compatibility: Works with all android phones.

Download arcMedia for FREE from android market.

arcMedia QR Code

Android Market Link, Official Page

asf, avi, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, ogg, rmvb, wav, wma, wmv
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    1. Oops! On behalf of the developer, just kidding!

      BTW, you can try ‘andless’ android app that can play lossless .flac format as also the apple’s m4a format. Okay??

  1. no video files are found. put divx video file onto sd card in the media folder, but arcmedia cannot find. am i doing something wrong?

    1. Rockplayer gives you an option to browse the files. You should be able to locate your files by browsing through.

      I had no problem playing an .flv video file using rockplayer too.

      You can reboot your phone or use an app, SDMount to rescan your sdcard, so that the system will know about the media files and will show it to players.file browsers. Try it and let us know.

  2. To all Android Eris (HTC) users.. this app is the first one I have found to play .flv (the only “free” app to do this I have found!!)… you have to set to low quality, but can read off SD card. Awesome app!!

  3. only complaint is navigation… aside from this, can download any .flv youtube vid, save (SMALL SPACE using “low quality”) to card for viewing later!! would be nice to advance from view screen.. but can’t complain!

  4. I just tried this on an HTC Desire Z – the new one which I purchassed yesterday and it plays xvid format AVI’s that I downloaded from the torrents.

    1. HTC Desire Z is a great phone no doubt. But you know what, the Galaxy S even runs .mkv files straight out of box, no apps nothing extra is required. The default Galaxy S player plays all video formats, that easy. The smartphone technology is really developing at a very rapid pace. I just love it!

      By the way, you should also try the mVideo Player (free android app), it’s more durable and efficient. you’ll love it. It already replace arcmedia on my phone.

      1. i have a captivate and can say ..
        NO the built in player will NOT run all formats .. it would not even run a simple mkv i threw at it .

        1. Hey.. Slow Down… my SGS is pretty good at playing .mkv (just tried it once more) with built-in player.

          Anyways, you can try these two players: mVideo Player and vPlayer Beta. By the way, official vlc player for android is coming soon too.

          I have both mVideo and vPlayer installed. You also install them, mVideo is an awesome app that will get you subs of the movie right there. In case it fails, which is rare, vPlayer will save you, definitely.

          Lemme know if even this doesn’t help. BTW, I like Captivate a lot and wished it was available in India. Actually, SGS looks very much like iPhone and I hate that. Captivate is the best design of all the Galaxy S variants out there.

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