Archos to Ship 101 G9 Tablets With 1.2 GHz Processor

Promised to come packed in with a whopping 1.5 GHz dual-core TI processor, the Archos 101 G9 tablets (one with 10.1 inches of screen) will now have to make-do with 1.2 GHz TI processor — an improved (overclocked!) version of TI’s 1 GHz processor. But we can’t blame Archos for that, since it’s TI who is finding it hard to keep up with its promise to deliver 1.5 GHz processor by October.

Recently, TI’s R&D team held out that 1.5 GHz processor won’t become real until January 2012, which is having spiraling effects on android scene. For one, Archos will be launching their 101 G9 tablets as ‘Turbo’ tablets packing overclocked 1.2 GHz processor, and would ship these tablets with originally promised 1.5 GHz processor in January when these are available from their manufacturer, TI (Texas Instruments).

Second, Google’s plans of Nexus Prime (that’s not the official name, btw) have suffered a setback, too. It was supposed to feature the 1.5 GHz processor from TI, but now that the processor has been pushed to Jan ‘12 by TI, Nexus prime needs to find another suitable horsepower chip. It was even said that this 1.5 GHz processor would become a flagship processor for Android’s next great version — Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0).

Back to Archos, the 1 GHz dual-core processor powered 8-inch is available right now for $300, shipping in US. While, these 10.1 inch ‘Turbo’ version with 1.2 GHz processor would hit shelves in October ‘11 and will be replaced with 1.5 GHz processor in Jan ‘12. Yes, this is mess.

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