Another new Angry Birds Star Wars Trailor is online

Angry Birds Star Wars Darth Vader vs Obi Wan

With only 4 days left before the release of the most awaited, and most exciting Angry Birds game ever, Rovio released a new trailer video of the much-anticipated game. With this speed, they’ll have more trailers than any other game ever and we’ll not even have to play the game as we would’ve seen everything.

Since the announcement of this game on 8th October, various videos, ranging from the ironic pretext and characters, to some exciting laser and lightsaber filled gameplay, have been published by Rovio. But this video, latest in the series, is a bit comic and shows a little bit of gameplay in the end, where you can see Obi Wan and Darth Vader fighting end to end.

Although the video doesn’t show a lot of gameplay, it shows off the look of two most popular characters from the Star Wars series, Obi Wan and Darth Vader. So we’ll leave you to watch the funny video while you decide which side of the force you wanna be on.

Angry Birds Star Wars: Obi Wan & Darth Vader - exclusive gameplay